God Sees Something in You!


Paul said, “Christ in you” is “the hope of glory.” (Col 2:2) This means more than “Christ in you is the hope of going to heaven.” It means that the Christ who died FOR you is the Christ who died AS you so that when He died – you died. 

There is a “glory” in you that you may be missing. Your old man is dead and buried but you have a “new” man inside. In your spirit. Your born-again spirit has the nature of Christ – the very glory of God is woven into your new nature. Believers are “partakers of the divine nature.” 

Inside you are different than you think you are. David saw it when he said: “The king’s daughter is all glorious within.” (Ps 45:13)

When we judge ourselves rightly, we are agreeing with what God says. He says that you are dead and buried. He says that in Christ you are a “new” creature. Not in some abstract way, but in a literal way – your spirit man is remade by the breath of God into a divine substance. You are “born from above” in your spirit. Your mind, memory, thinking, feelings, habits may still be in the process of renewal BUT God sees who you really are. 

A “Christ”-ian. Dare I say what the first century understood by the term Christian…“a little Christ.” You may be mature or adolescent but He sees you as His own seed. Partakers of Christ…His nature. 

Morpheus told Neo “I’m trying to FREE YOUR MIND” as he trained him to discover his actual identity as “the one” who would challenge the “matrix”, the “agents” and the programmers….changing everything for his generation.

Morpheus, like the Holy Spirit, represents the one who knows your real identity. See yourself with Heaven’s eyes and you will see that Christ in YOU wants to become Christ manifesting THROUGH you.

There will be an End Time company that does this very thing. Nature itself awaits the manifestation of the sons of God. A company of those who grow up into Him. The potential is in us now. The latter rain will cause the seed to mature quickly.

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

What do you see about your identity in His Words?

How can we get our souls and bodies to line up with this new reality?

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