5 Reasons This Horse is a Prophetic Sign!

HorseToday “California Chrome” won the second of three races on his way to the Triple Crown! Last horse to do this was called “Affirmed” in 1978. Only 11 horses have won the elusive Triple Crown. The grueling schedule of three races in 5 weeks at longer distances than most have run previously in their careers is probably the most difficult task any horse will face in his racing career.

From a prophetic perspective this is huge. I will show you how God is “affirming” riders now who will stay “attached” to the Throne of Grace …YOU are about to win the race of your life.

California is going to host a Great Awakening. There are some “lucky pulpits” out there. Read on and see what I mean….

Get this…the thoroughbred's Father's Name is “Lucky Pulpit” The Mothers name? “Love of the Chase.” What's the name of the jockey who is winning? “Victor”!

The owners say this horse represents the “working man”, the “little guy” and was seen in a DREAM before he was born. Owners say this horse represents, as they put it, “The little guy that did big things.” Get it? Small is the new big. It's little Davids slaying big giants all over again.

California is going to host awakening. Several pulpits are about to get “lucky” as the season of chasing God is yielding to a season of finding Him!

Again, the jockey Victor is dressed in PURPLE and EMERALD.

What do those colors represent? The “victorious” Royal (purple) Priesthood that has access to the throne of GRACE described as a rainbow of – EMERALD green…

“The one sitting on the throne was as brilliant as gemstones–like jasper (clear like a diamond) and carnelian (like a ruby). And the glow of an EMERALD circled his THRONE like a rainbow.” (Rev 4:3)

The horses: Number 3? Running in the triple crown? The THIRD stone in the breastplate of the High Priest is guess what?…..EMERALD…and this stone stands for Jacob's 3rd son LEVI. Levi means “joined” or “attached” to the Lord. As Victor is attached to the winner, YOU are a thoroughbred attached to the Lord!

3 is the number that represents the Godhead. God in three persons is inviting us to the 3rd heaven to come to the throne of Grace because we are joined to Jesus in His death, burial and resurrection. We are now seated in a position at the right hand of the Father. The 3rd Day Church is running. (A day with the Lord is 1000 years. Its 2000 years from Christ till now….2 days passing….we are entering the 3rd day)

God speaking in various and sundry ways….

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