Finding Your Voice and Discovering Your Life Message

BrandWhat's your personal brand?

Every science involves the use of new words. The greater the quality of distinctions made in any field, the greater the accuracy and depth attainable in that field. Likewise, there is a science to destiny and specific language that can be used.

Lets explore a term that may help you:

“Life Message”

Real great brands – people or products – have a CLEAR IDENTITY in the mind of people. It comes out of their “life message.” Think of your brain like an art gallery. A great historic personality owns a certain room or wall where they exhibit who they are in an image or sound bite — captured in a few descriptive words. Your “brand” is actually your “life message.” The story of who you became as a result of the choices you made and the uniqueness of your individual design. For example:

• Billy Graham – The Evangelist Statesman
• Martin Luther King – Freedom for African-Americans
• Bill Gothard – Basic life principles – Basic Youth Conflicts
• Benny Hinn – Anointing and healing
• Mother Theresa – Mercy and the Poor
• Churchill – Courage in crisis
• Lincoln – Save the Union, or free the slaves
• Reagan – America’s greatness
• Charles Finney – Revivalist
• Edison – Inventor and entrepreneur
• Moses – Deliverer of the Jews
• Nehemiah – Leader who rebuilt the wall
• Joshua – Possessing the inheritance

Every life tells a story. The Bible is a book about people’s lives and the choices they made and the consequences of those choices. Each of us is a walking book of instruction that serves the universe as either a warning or an encouragement.

There is something special that happens as we make Christ Lord over our lives. You've heard this cute preacher alliteration — “Your history becomes HIS STORY. Well, in a very real sense God actually does tell the world something about Himself through us. If you want a great story – keep close to the author and yearn for an audacious demonstration of His calling.

Your Life Message is the story others can read about who God is through your testimony. Or it's an illustration of a LIFE PRINCIPLE – which reflects Gods character and nature. (Even creation reveals the hidden attributes of God.)

When you are doing what God has called you to do, you no longer become an echo shaped by the culture, your past, or the influence of other people. You become an authentic voice – you FIND YOUR VOICE!

Your Life Message usually involves a cause you care about. Your Life Message will make full use of your particular gift cluster. Your Life Message is a hidden theme running throughout your entire life. Everyone who attains actualization or convergence will have a clear Life Message.

In a greater sense, your Life Message is the message God uses your life to tell others something about Himself and the nature of reality.

It probably somehow lives on in eternity. Would it not be freaky if much of history was accessible in the next life and we can go back and hear the thoughts and intents of hearts, see the spirit realm and watch learn the wisdom of God through the ultimate university? What if this is another aspect of a “great cloud of witnesses?”

Lets build a culture where each person explores and expresses their Life Message. No two are alike.

Can you think of other famous people who have a clear “brand” and Life Message?

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