What Easter Is Really About!

EggMy daughter Joy, like other 17 year-olds has a unique way of talking. It's a language pattern I can't replicate, but I get it.

She wrote on Twitter…
“ayyy remember that one time
they were like ‘he dead' 
and I was all like ‘yo plot twist.' ” 
– Jesus in heaven currently

Her friends loved it. So do I.

It's a subject seldom really explored, but imagine for a moment… what was really going on during that Easter weekend, 2000 years ago?

Satan is a fallen archangel with minions of powerful subordinates of various order and rank who once served in the celestial order of heaven. These ruthless and cunning powers dominate and oversee the dominion of deception over the nations of the earth. They are territorial spirits who watch over their domains like the Ringwraiths of Tolkien's Trilogy. As disembodied spirits they rule nations in their various levels of authority. Like vultures that expect their fill of doomed men's flesh, invisible to the human eye, they manipulate, murder, enslave and destroy all but the most stout-hearted believers who fight by being filled with the Holy Spirit of truth and the courage that faith alone inspires. 

They all came together like vultures to encircle the scene of man's ultimate crime – deicide, the killing of the God-made-flesh, deliverer of Israel. Jesus spoke prophetically of them through David: referring to the cross and the lone Messiah, he said, “Many bulls surround me; strong bulls of Bashan encircle me.” (Psalm 22:12)

In the perverse mind of Satan, this crime would seal the judgment of God over the doomed sons of Adam. The plan that was “hidden” from the principalities of that age was played out in front of them a hundred thousand times in the ritual shedding of blood that marked the path of justification for the Jewish people. The one limitation of Satanic genius being the inability to think in terms of unselfish love, it did not fully occur to Satan that Jesus would in His body take the cumulative weight of all man's sins for all ages in His body and carry them as a payment into the iron cage of death, called “the grave.”

The grave had legal right to all fallen flesh, for all had sinned and the wages of sin is death. But Jesus was the one man who lived a sinless life, hence He became the one person whom death could not keep and the grave could not hold. Satan had over-reached and taken the life of an innocent man. Having become the payment for the collective wages of man's sins, He would rise from the grave and be granted authority to legally exonerate man from his guilt. He would also be given authority over death, hell and the grave. Satan and his minions had sealed their doom in the very blood that redeemed the fallen race of men. That is why demons hate the blood!

His brutal 18-hour execution, violent as it was, became the satisfaction required by eternal JUSTICE to settle the matter regarding God's HOLINESS – which cannot overlook sin, and God's LOVE, which desires that none should perish. 

Infinite justice and holiness require a judgment. Infinite WISDOM came up with a plan and infinite love paid the price. It was all summed up in Christ!

On the third day, a new species rose from the dead – hence the language of Psalm 2 :“‘This day I have begotten you out of the grave…ask of Me and I will give you NATIONS for your inheritance.'” It was the same Jesus, but no longer the Galilean Messiah with a mortal body. 

Jesus became, as it were, a second Adam with the ability to forgive sins and “breathe” into fallen men the MIRACLE of a recreated human spirit – a brand-new inner man. This is what it means to be “born again.” 

This is the importance of an often-overlooked event that John recorded. Jesus breathed on the disciples after his resurrection… “And with that he breathed on them and said, ‘Receive the Holy Spirit.'” (John 20:22)

When you are born again you receive the Holy Spirit into your human spirit and are “made alive” or “quickened.” Amazing. Eternal life comes into your body and becomes the guarantee of a glorified resurrection body.

The world thinks Christianity is one of a hundred world religions, when, in fact, it is an order of a new species, a new created being, walking the earth. 

There is a promise still coming… “I WILL POUR OUT OF MY SPIRIT ON ALL FLESH.” We NEED this POWER in every part of the Christian community. Our nations need us to rise up and accomplish the mission of making disciples of nations….the unfinished task of the church and the issue that is behind the great collision of nations in the last days as “…nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom.”

I used to think that the kingdoms referred to here are political entities but now I am thinking more that sheep and goats shall collide as the King of glory and the armies of heaven begin their progressive invasion of earth and Satan is pushed out of his territory in the “heavenly places” where the Apostle Paul said these fallen powers operate. 

Since the resurrection 2000 years ago, their power is stripped. All power has been turned over to Jesus. They have been acting without legal authority for 2000 years and the matter is about to be pressed in the unfolding chapter of history in front of us. “And Jesus came and spoke unto them, saying, ‘ALL POWER IS GIVEN UNTO ME in heaven AND IN EARTH.'” (Mt 28:18)

The shaking of the Last Days is caused by the pushing down and displacement of principalities over nations as angelic forces encircle Earth for the final invasion and return of the King.

Our problem is that we don't know who we are and do not know what we are actually called to do. We desperately need a fresh WORD to awaken the AWAKENING. Pastors do a beautiful work but let's be honest, most measure their success today by how many butts they got into chairs in their sanctuary. They are not measuring success by how much influence their church has at the gates of Hell in their city. Itinerant preachers are not much better. Most are looking for bigger conferences and better offerings or more donors for their media mission. Of course there are sincere folks in this mix, but even they don't seem bothered by the fact that it's the SAME group of phenomena-seekers moving from event to event. Nobody is aggressively mobilizing to actually TAKE territory. And marketplace Christians? For all their talk about seven mountains, they are primarily driven by an obsession to make more money in their business. That is what flips their switch. Everybody in between is in a scramble to be a social media celebrity in their little ‘kingdom niche' BUT God has NATIONS He wants to invade with the Gospel of the Kingdom and has ANGELS positioned for our advance INSIDE the systems – where the Gates of Hell are located.

But all that is about to change.

World events are about to get unhinged.

Does this make sense? Something is in the air. The best of times and the worst of times – and your finest hour if you are awakened.

Expect a PLOT TWIST.

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One thought on “What Easter Is Really About!

  1. Wow, great article Lance; Well done! I was thinking along those same lines that there were 3 Archangels; 1/3rd of the Archangels fell and took 1/3rd of the angel (probably under his domain) with him. May I suggest lucifer had spiritual “property” in heaven that God would not take away from him?

    So, what was God to do? May I suggest again that God spoke the words of creation into lucifer’s now corrupted domain? And, when He said, “It is good” he was pointing out that the words He spoke were an injection of good into an evil environment.

    It’s not God’s MO for things to decay, for lions to eat flesh and snakes to bite. (See lions vs. lambs and adders vs. children in heaven).

    And so, we have the infinitely complex beauty of a single celled organism in a dying environment. That’s why spiders bite and snakes bite and bees sting and why lions eat gazelles.

    Jesus defeated satan; it’s our job to finish him off for good. When the 70 came to Jesus with their report, Jesus said, “Yeah, I know… I saw satan falling from heaven like lightening.” i.e. satan was still in a heavenly space somehow, it was the disciples who evicted him.

    And so, along the lines you wrote about, when the sons of God will be revealed, the whole universe, (now formerly satan’s domain) will be restored to God in holiness, purity, and no more bee stings.