What The Enemy Knows About 2014

The Enemy Knows

The last of my 5774 thoughts…so let me end them strong and even be disruptive.

Don’t you think the devil knows this strategic time?

When Moses was born, Satan knew there was a deliverer being born. He therefore killed off Hebrew males. Likewise at the time of Jesus’ birth, Herod destroyed 2000 children in an effort to kill Jesus.

What might Hell be seeking to do in this time?


What was the devil doing IN 2011?

2011 Aleph (an ox or bull = strength, primacy, leader) The enemy laid groundwork to push leaders into seeking to control and build their ministry or operation, rather than open up their domain in a spirit of ‘Kingdom collaboration’.

There will be turf competition like we have not seen in decades. Groundwork has been laid. Alignments based on carnal reasonings have set up the secular and spiritual power grids for the decade.

WHAT was the devil doing?

2012-Beth (a tent, house, in, into household, family)

We were to guard the tent, home. Marriages and children, even core relationships in the business, Satan would hit the homes and “trust” would’ve been a defining issue between partners, more than anything. Jezebel was out to influence or invade the secrets and struggles and privacy of Gods people in order to expose them. This spirit is vicious. It always comes in as “false brethren” meaning they tell you they are ‘family’.

What had hell been hitting?

2013 -Gimel (a camel = to be lifted up) beware of wrong alignments built out of a need but not from Heaven. Wrong ministry alignments can be like wrong business alignments. Nothing worse than a season of delay followed by “clouds without rain”…clouds show up but they don’t produce anything. You were not to let the enemy waste your time with a big gift offer that never arrived. God likes to build gradually and progressively. If a big financial gift came along, it should’ve been held in prayer till clear direction came. The enemy would’ve loved to get your money into an ill-conceived venture.

What the enemy seeks:

4: 2014- Daleth (a door = opening, entry, pathway)Doors will open because people will have plans for you.

Satan will continue to drive all nations to his “dalet” or “door” of alignment this year (2014). He has been laying groundwork throughout global economics to shift the west to bankruptcy in 2013 “gimel” and will be seeking vigorously to close “windows” of opportunity and inspiration by disrupting nations in Ayin “Hey” -2015. As a rule, align with folks that are succeeding and prospering and learn what they are doing.

What the enemy seeks 

5: 2015 Hey (a window = behold, the, to reveal, inspiration, what comes from) Hell desires to disrupt the communication and handing over of assets that can build strength in the kingdom. If you are not going through the right door, you are getting nothing from the window.

Watch the Global scene in 2016. Satan seeks to set the hook into the economy and Israel that there is no wiggle room, to lock you into agreements and alignments you will regret later.

6: 2016 Vav (a nail, hook, and = to fasten, join together, secure, add)

Satan wants the strength of the US military cut off in international enforcement of Asia and Israel and sea lanes so that greater lawlessness can prevail.

What about? Satan will seek to cut off your greatest weapon. Don’t let him.

7: 2017 Zayin (a weapon = cut, cut off)

And what about?

8: 2018 Chet (fence, enclosure = inner room; heart; private; separate)

His plot is to pull the trigger of an East (USA) / West (Asia) Shift by 2016/2017 so that Asia becomes dominant (and Russia resurgent in Europe and the Middle East) where Israel is to be cut off 2016-2017 and global events dominated by new boundaries and alliances in 2018.

God, however, has other plans. 2018 is the 70th year after Israel became a nation in 1948. “70” is a double prophetic year because it’s the number for “Ayin” (70) remember? Therefore the world will watch to SEE what God will do when Satan does what he does.

Your job? Stop thinking this is a fantasy and pick a niche to get a foothold in. Suit up and get into the game. You are never too old or too young. Plant yourself in a mountain and partner with God to make you a walking specimen of DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY, jamming up the enemy’s progress and bringing Heaven down wherever you are assigned.

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27 thoughts on “What The Enemy Knows About 2014

  1. God give me the wisdom to know who to align with in my new business and the grace to persevere. I want to be a specimen of DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY and bring Heaven into my assigned mountains of business & government… Thank you Lance for the insights….

  2. Glory and thank you SIr. My desire is to increase my Franchise into one new country every year. Feel its an open door right now

  3. We are in agreement with you Lance for Kingdom purposes. I pray the those who advance and build kingdom purposes in their respective spheres, missions and assignments will consistently be elusive and slippery to the enemy. I pray the enemy would be struck deaf, dumb and blind in specific assignments against modern day Esther’s, Joseph’s, Samuels and Daniels. Let the kingdom come.

  4. I would like to know specifically more about the WALKING SPECIMEN OF DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY so that I can avail myself to apply in my life.
    Thank you for giving me the prophetic insight.
    Paul Anandam

  5. …walking specimen of DISRUPTIVE TECHNOLOGY jamming up the enemy’s progress. .. Amen!!
    The Lord’s been talking to me about this for past 12 hours, using almost the exact choice of words. But because the concept is so foreign to me, I had trouble wrapping my head around it. An hour and the half ago, I begged Him to confirm with a physical sign. Today is the first that I’ve heard of the writer Dr. Wallnau. A friend of mine had sent a link this morning, which I’d erroneously deleted. She just resent it an hour ago. God is so real, and the battle is already won!!!