The Symphony of Your Life

2013 was a mixture of breakthroughs, delays and contradictions for many. Like the noise of an orchestra tuning up.

But something is building up in the Spirit toward a crescendo in 2014. If it had happened last year it would have been premature…. at least for me. There were areas in my life I needed to deal with. Humbling. I discovered – if you cause the enemy trouble, he hits back through any territory you own that you don’t occupy.

THE NEXT GENERATION (7M Gen) needed this year to get ready also. I so admire what I see rising up in them.

The Symphony of Your Life

I travel the world, but my oldest son was the minister who most impressed me this year. He felt led to initiate family prayer and worship. Why was it him and not me? ‘Cause I was stuck, and needed someone to pull me out. It all started with a dream my son had that we should pray together. (He saw a keyboard in the dream but did not tell me.) As we prayed I had a vision of a keyboard! That was when he told me about his dream. I used to be a worship leader till I turned preacher. I broke out the keyboard and now my son has me reactivating my gift at home, with the family soaking and praying together. We are building a habitation from a small symphony of unity in God’s presence…..starting in our HOME.

Our English “symphony‟ comes from (sumphōnia), which is a Greek word meaning a “sounding together” or “agreement of sound”… “harmonious”.

When Christ described the church He was building, its most essential building blocks started with two or more coming together by His Spirit in AGREEMENT and praying.

“Again I say to you that if two of you agree (sumphōnēsōsin) on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” (Matthew 18:19)

Agreement is the symphony that builds God’s house.


It’s quiet in the prophetic sometimes ON PURPOSE so we are forced to hear more clearly. I’ve heard so many questioning “What’s gonna happen to the economy? The government? Is America finished?”

In a concert, a hush falls on the platform.