3 Wild Facts About the First Miracle of Jesus!

MiracleRead John 2: 1-11 and check out what I write.

“This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him.” (John 2:11)

1. The FIRST miracle would be an important one. It will be an occasion that reveals something about Him. It will display an aspect of the Godhead that the world needs to see. It is the “beginning of miracles” that will “manifest his glory.” 

a. This first one… What shall it be? A finger extended into the empty socket of a blind man that results in the materialization of an eyeball? That’s a great first miracle. How about the creation of a missing limb? Now THAT’S a “first miracle.” What aspect of the divine nature will God showcase? Create a body part? Cast out a devil? Raise the dead? 

b. BEHOLD – It will be the creation of a PARTY BEVERAGE! 

c. POW! God wants mankind to know that He is not just the Judge of all the earth, He is also the God who throws great parties. He doesn’t hold back either. This miracle reveals the nature of someone who delights to make extravagant provision – even for non-essential things! How totally non-religious. 

This is a party, not a meal at an orphanage. We would expect a miracle at the mission outreach, but at a party? Evidently this first miracle reveals that God likes parties… and weddings! Especially when He is invited to attend.

2. This miracle was not in the mind of Christ at the moment it was suggested. 

a. It seems that the FIRST miracle of Jesus was something HE DID NOT PLAN TO DO. 

b. Jesus himself was always “led” by the Spirit and only did what His “Father showed” Him. When His Mother asked Him to solve the beverage problem it was anything but a life threatening situation. Jesus had resisted the devil for 40 days trying to squeeze the miraculous out of Him and it did not work. While back home, He will likewise not be pressured into manifesting anything the Father is not doing. 

He told her “Woman, what do I have to do with you? My hour has not yet come.” 

Meaning, “Mom….not now.” 

c. Nevertheless, she told the servants to listen for His instruction, and sure enough, a moment after this exchange Jesus was given updated orders, evidently the time HAD come and this was it. Thus He proceeded to work His first miracle of manifesting His glory… the glory of a generous God who does not have a problem with having a good time. 

3. There is meaning in some details. The number of water pots is SIX. Six is the number of man, and water into wine is a miracle of transformation.

a. As six is the number of man and the Son of Man is in their midst – the God-man was among them. Water and wine were in the same vessel! Humanity was carrying deity and this first miracle would prove it.

b. Six is also the number of days measuring when man was created. Adam was created on the sixth day. There are 6 days before the Sabbath and 6 days = 6000 years of biblical genealogy from Adam till now. Soon, at the end of the 6th day, God will transform us and we shall be changed from the natural to the divine – in His image. Mortal shall put on immortality. 

c. Finally, the water is a type of the Word of God. When the Word has filled us we can expect the voice of God to speak a word, a “rhema” that transforms the word we carry into the power of the divine nature. 

Fill your vessel with the water of the word and watch for the quickening of that word into divine activity in your life!

BONUS POINT – Most people misquote the head waiter: He didn’t say “you kept the best wine till last” he said, “You kept the BEST wine till NOW!”

People often say the best is yet to come…but God says, if you are prepared to receive it, the BEST is right NOW! God is already working in the Earth and you do not need to wait till the end of days to see His glory manifest!

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What do you think?

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10 thoughts on “3 Wild Facts About the First Miracle of Jesus!

  1. Amen, God does love parties! 🙂 Glad to read this, thanks Lance, I’m receiving God’s best NOW, while I’m young, not waiting till tomorrow but getting my blessing TODAY!

  2. While I was reading this, the Lord told me He picked this miracle as the fulfillment of the cup of His blood He offers us at the Last Supper- the cup of life that betrothes us to Himself. He knows the end from the beginning!

  3. Dear Dr. Wallnau,

    I agree with all three of these points but I would encourage you to re-examine point number three. I learned this ten years ago and had to examine it to the roots as I am hoping you will too 🙂

    If you check the Hebrew word for “…now draw out…” in verse 8, it is clear that he was asking them to draw out of the well, as in “lower a bucket.” There is a different word for, “ladle.” The implications here are very staggering!

    Jesus was asking the six jars of water to be set aside in order to preserve the Jewish Rights of Purification. Had he used all their water without this observation, he would have tripped out the Pharisees right then and there.

    The revelation that God has spoken to me is that what man uses to purify under the law (water) is of limited source. If Jesus turned the well itself into wine, then he created a source with unlimited capacity for all who were willing to drink that night (His blood, also consistent with AAA’s comment below). It would also make sense that Jesus would do something so radical. It also makes sense why the word spread so rapidly. In retrospect, when considering the attendance at a Jewish wedding could be thousands and the party would last days, a few hundred gallons of wine is not all that impressive. But the well…?!? This sound more like our Man! Is it possible that every children’s book on this miracle is illustrated incorrectly?

    I think you could really run with this and I would love to see you re-write point 3 if you come to the same conclusion. What do you suppose Mary knew that prompted her initiative? When do you suppose the well turned back into water???

    AS ONE! <

  4. I believe this first miracle is at a Wedding, because a Marriage between one man and one woman represents Jesus married to the church. Jesus is coming back for HIS bride. A wedding represents
    1 covenant ( God redemptive plan from the fall of Adam)

    2. The marriage union, is where 2 flesh come together and become one.
    To minimize the covenant of marriage to a party opens the door to the spirit of error.
    A marriage between one man and one woman is an earthly example of God’s marriage to the Church.

  5. I like the party thing, I think it is so true that Jesus was never apposed to having a good time..Probably the first reason pharisees hated him lol He also said foolish things would confound the wise and love that about Him too. I put a wine glass full of water on my cupboard top one day and asked God is it time yet. Two days later it still wasn’t wine so I poured it out and said OK I will wait. Jesus also spent time with “wine bibbers” prostitutes and the ever annoying tax collectors…but I am sure they all needed to have “A good time” redefined and adjusted, but they knew how to have a good time. I have been to a few of your teachings, and as quickly as you speak, and as much info as we had to digest I have always thought you are probably a guy who likes to have a good time too.
    I was brought up to religious so I was probably more in the pharisees camp until I was 21, so my adjustments were usually learning to relax and enjoy the ride….loosing restraints is the most fun I had in years. Although I was not ready for the wine last I checked…I certainly am looking forward to it now…PS your program keeps giving me pop up things to read ..I don’t know how it’s done but it’s ingenious . It does feel like someone is watching me besides God I mean lol Thank you this is a great way to spend my day..I’ll be back.

    • I have just read your post. I can not agree with you. There was not a well but 10 gallon jugs. I believe you have added and taken away from scriptures. Maybe reading what others have written or other. I love reading and studying and never ever have I read anything as you have said

  6. It is amazing how the Spirit of God moves, I was reviewing the first miracle when I came upon your article, and your analysis of John (2), the wedding, it bore witness to my thought processes as I read John (2). very insightful. A blessed read!

  7. This is a wonderful and true blog. I also think the 6 jugs are the 6 days of creation. The servants of
    the household help in preparation of the water to wine conversion. That’s us, helping to spread the
    word on the soon return of our LORD. The best wine (information) is saved until the end. That’s the new information given to us in the now open book of truth which was promised mostly in daniel’s 11 truth as we await our LORD. Thanks for the blog and allowing my post.