Your purpose is who you are

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Your purpose is who you are. It doesn't change, it evolves. I was looking at a website that had brief purpose statements listed. Got to thinking about Jesus. His preferred self-description was “Son of man.” We sometimes miss the fact that he was once a boy, a teen, a young adult. In the only account that describes his childhood, Luke records the incident when his parents lost sight of him and he was found sitting in the temple, both listening to the elders and asking them questions.

He knew at that early age something about his origins and mission, “Did you not know I must be about my father's business?”

He could listen and ask questions. In doing so he found occasion to provide his own thoughts and all who heard him were impacted. Luke says he returned home and submitted to his parents. Much is revealed in a few lines of text. They outline what healthy development looks like. Things like: knowing your identity, knowing how to converse, be curious, respectful and share your ideas with others and knowing how to submit to authority.

That Jesus could live a relatively quiet and unassuming life for near 30 years is also amazing. He felt no need to insert himself into any current events and make a premature entrance into history. He was willing to surrender 30 years of patient development for 3 and 1/2 years of public ministry.

I was fascinated with Jesus before I encountered Him as my Savior at the age of 17 and cannot help but keep that fascination even today, 40 years later.

I'm sure many of you can say the same thing.


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