You won’t believe this shocking statistic!

I heard a shocking statistic I immediately wanted to share with you.

Did you know that 70% of Christians who leave home end up losing their faith by the time they graduate from College? Let that sink in – your children have a 70% probability of losing confidence in the faith you instilled in them! And it’s not just college – it’s the entire culture that is armed to attack and mock your child’s values, question their intelligence and pressure them into conformity. They face daily being socially ostracized by peers or hindered from getting a job or advancing in a field because of their beliefs.

Never in history has the environment for young conservatives – especially Christians – been more intolerant and intimidating. To make matters worse, most of us have shielded our children from toxic intellectual attacks and hostility never realizing that in doing so we actually increased their vulnerability!

Protect Your Family!

The moment they leave home YOUR CHILD WILL MEET THE ENEMY. They will be forced to question what they believe and at some point be required to stand alone against the pressure of professors, employers and peers. No wonder 70% question their beliefs and walk away! Not being properly prepared for the attack, they never learned the spiritual self defense strategies needed to confidently protect themselves!

These skills are incredibly valuable, and are just some of what we’re going to be teaching your sons and daughters. Don't let your millennial miss this —>

There are THREE things your children need in order to survive what will hit them when they leave home. These three items will keep them from the 70% casualty list.

What Do They Need To Know?

1. They need to know what they believe: why they believe and what the enemy is going to throw at them to challenge their convictions. They need to know how to hold their ground with such power it causes the other side to question what they believe!

2. They need to know they ARE NOT ALONE. Surrounded by a network of strong, sharp peers they will have the power to stand together “AS ONE” like Maximus in the arena in Rome – against the world.

3. They need to experience REVIVAL. God is sending a unique move to our youth– on one hand it seems intense but the truth is that this is a move of God characterized by JOY! There is an exhilarating and joyous energy that surrounds those who stand boldly in Jesus name in this hour. God is real and the evidence of His reality is made tangible through the JOY heaven sends to those on the front lines of the battle for the soul of America!

After returning from the front lines of the electoral battle over Donald Trump, I could almost feel the angelic covering that was working with me as I advanced boldly and unashamed of my beliefs about the future. I felt a challenge coming from the Lord to prepare our youth for what they will face. The left has pulled out all its stops in advancing its bazar agenda to reprogram the mind of Americans. They know they can win if they can disciple the 80 million Millennial’s that are future voters.

The Time Is Now

I decided that this year I was going to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! I have formed a 7 mountain training and networking event to help 16-24 year olds build the relationships and leadership skills to stand against the world when necessary! We call them the “7m Gen” and see them as Joshua’s and Caleb’s who are taking land from the enemy in their lifetime.

Give the gift of breakthrough and transformation to the millennial in your life –>

We won’t wait for the attacks but rather we will go on the offense and train your sons and daughters in how to defend not only their faith and ideas but how to network together and form cohort groups to strengthen each other and stand together for a move of God in their generation! If we do this right – American schools and college campuses will be the epicenter of a Great Awakening!

You are part of an aristocracy – of faith!

I’ve met many of you and also met your sons and daughters (or your grandchildren) and noticed an untapped aristocracy. When the elite send their youth to Harvard, Yale and Princeton their children form networks of relationships that last a lifetime. What about your children? Your youth are part of an undeveloped network of heavens Ivy League. I know I speak for many of you when I say that you have tried hard to raise your children under Gods hand. The Lord has impressed me that we have been raising a special generation of young princes and prophetesses right under our roof.

These children have been prayed over, loved, guarded, (often home schooled) and prophetically covered by us as best as we know how. Now they are at the age where we have to send them out to survive in the midst of an increasingly militant paganized culture. Let’s give them the gift of preparation and network them together and train them for what they will face.

But, do me this one favor – I am only looking for sons and daughters that actually have a focus on the kingdom and a receptivity to a world view. Think about the young Daniels and Esthers and Josephs and Davids and Joshuas of the future. Those are the kids who have always attended, and need to be at, 7m Gen.

Don’t let another year slip by.

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