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One thought on “You can CHANGE the SPIRITUAL ATMOSPHERES around you

  1. I have been listening to ISN the past couple of months. I keep coming back to your talk on developing a discernment for Leviathan spirits. My 60 years of life has been a battle of exactly that. I have withdrawn and keep to myself. I accepted Jesus and was water baptized at 16 because a girl I knew at school asked me to go to a penacostal church of 10 people, even though I was raised Catholic. Right after that, my family joined Christ Gospel in Indiana. The Leviathan attacks have almost destroyed me. I have seen Jesus, there is no doubt He exists. God has taken me with Lot walking over the mountain top to get away from evil. I saw a vision of the Pentagon with huge smoke coming out of it before 911. 10 years ago I shut out anything I have ever heard, and told the Lord I only know I believe one thing: Jesus the Son of God was born, lived, died, and rose up. I told the Lord to let me know what is the truth. Slowly, I have developed a solid foundation. He is my Rock. I need more strength to move forward though. As soon as I can get your CD, I know that it will help. Thank you for your ministry. Bless all that you do.