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2 thoughts on “You can CHANGE the SPIRITUAL ATMOSPHERES around you

  1. I have been listening to ISN the past couple of months. I keep coming back to your talk on developing a discernment for Leviathan spirits. My 60 years of life has been a battle of exactly that. I have withdrawn and keep to myself. I accepted Jesus and was water baptized at 16 because a girl I knew at school asked me to go to a penacostal church of 10 people, even though I was raised Catholic. Right after that, my family joined Christ Gospel in Indiana. The Leviathan attacks have almost destroyed me. I have seen Jesus, there is no doubt He exists. God has taken me with Lot walking over the mountain top to get away from evil. I saw a vision of the Pentagon with huge smoke coming out of it before 911. 10 years ago I shut out anything I have ever heard, and told the Lord I only know I believe one thing: Jesus the Son of God was born, lived, died, and rose up. I told the Lord to let me know what is the truth. Slowly, I have developed a solid foundation. He is my Rock. I need more strength to move forward though. As soon as I can get your CD, I know that it will help. Thank you for your ministry. Bless all that you do.

  2. How do I know what to Say? I loved Kim Clement’s ministry. I was devastated when he died. I wasn’t in as much pain over my mother’s death than Kim’s. It was painful sorrowful and long. Tonight is the first time I am looking at anything related to Kim. I appreciate your comments about his life. I have all the symptoms of a life needing hospice, so it is important for me to hear Kim’s journey into the or through the second heaven. It brings encouragement to me. Thank you for allowing an email to come to you. God bless you! Maybe I can relook at the ministry now? My body needs rejuvenation. Praise God! Jesus died to set me free. Jane Smith.