Why your children possess more than an “Ivy League” can offer!

My wife, Annabelle, recorded a random commercial with my daughter Joy about our upcoming Teen Leadership Camp. I love the innocence and zeal with which the next generation approaches the future.

While speaking at Ivy League campuses, I came to the conclusion that the first benefit of a Harvard, MIT or Yale education is the Ivy League brand on the diploma (what is ironically called the “sheepskin!”) The second benefit is the NETWORK the students form. I believe that parents who raised their son’s and daughter’s in households of faith have already wrapped their inheritance in the highest possible sheepskin, and the network our children form in the 7 Mountains is higher in quality and anointing than any counterpart in the secular world. They are a 7M Gen! They are a global network of anointed change agents.


We set apart one week to train and network this outstanding generation: July 28-Aug 1st.

Contact Deborah@Lancelearning.com for details and to get on “standby” list for any future training!


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10 thoughts on “Why your children possess more than an “Ivy League” can offer!

  1. The amount of enthusiasm, boldness and confidence Joy has is outstanding! You go and possess your mountain! Our children are wrapped in the greatest sheepskin and they will take over the world in 0.5 years, 5 years — They need our encouragement support more than ever!

  2. Lance! When are u coming to Bangkok eh? Record the entire program on video for ppl like us and STREAM IT LIVE so we can buy it. Or we could buy the DVD, or downloaded a purchased version of it 🙂