When is it time to throw stuff out?

1558426_10152134292659936_601058828_nWhen is it time to throw stuff out?

Forget 50 things… That’s too long a Post.

I just found 3 in my home office that shocked me. (I took a picture of them to prove it!)

Truth. I was working tonight on the next really cool session for my “Destiny Dashboard” group of Jedi’s and was frustrated cause I was missing some secret ingredients I had packed somewhere in my library. Now I’ve got a substantial library that flows out of one book filled room and continues like a crusade all over the house. I think I made a discovery tonight that will help me free up space.

Here were three ridiculous books that clued me in on the immediate need to start throwing stuff out.

1. “500 Spanish Verbs- Fully Conjugated In All The Tenses”
( I never once spoke Spanish – but can’t wait to grab a Red Bull and start conjugating those verbs!)

2. “Church Growth In The 90’s” ( I will say nothing. Why would someone still be doing this in their nineties anyway?)

3. “Amazing Result Filled World of Cassette Learning”
( Truth is I am asking my kids if we even have any cassette players in the house cause I actually want to hear some old ones with prophecies on them. And please, no-one tell me the same principles in this workbook would apply to an MP3 or DVD, etc. I know. It’s still getting tossed. Maybe. Now it’s sort of funny so i might keep it.)

Good news is I found the “Destiny Dashboard” missing information….”Fast Track on People Reading.” I will share with you guys as much as I can, but it’s hard to do in shorter posts.



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