What’s Happening Now In America And What To Expect Next…

The President is exhibiting a great deal of self restraint in a furnace of sustained pressure few American Presidents have known. Even in war, Lincoln had the Northern press occasionally on his side. He will have the wall at the end of this 3 week process, but it will be interesting to see what the price will be. Democrats want to play this as a win in shutting down the State of the Union and forcing the shutdown to end. They are grinding this moment into his face, calling him the “cave man.” This provoked him to write at 6PM that he did not “cave” and will have what he wants in 3 weeks.

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One thought on “What’s Happening Now In America And What To Expect Next…

  1. As always you are right on the mark. America has been given a gift in Donald Trump and if America goes down it is no ones fault but the the church. PERIOD! America has been bleeding on the doorsteps of the church for sometime and the church is too preoccupied with churchy things to even notice. God wants to show Himself in the impossible of circumstances, but He does so through His people who have faith enough to stand . We have got to stop talking about it and start taking action. We must have a walk on water kind of faith, keeping our eyes on Jesus in the midst of the peril and the storm.