What’s Going To Happen On Election Day?

We all know that Trump will win the election, then the Democrats will attempt to steal it. That’s just the way it is. I was worried about what would happen there as this would go through the courts until it ended up in the Supreme Court, and then anything could happen.

Then Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg passed, and that certainly changes things. I’ve got an update on Kamala Harris and wait until you hear about the five keys to chaos!

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7 thoughts on “What’s Going To Happen On Election Day?

  1. Right on Lance. Back in 2000 the Lord began laying on my spirit to speak strong to the church and Christians to repent. The message to pastors was to repent for honoring the 501 3c more than God and His word. We had a strong man of God Jerry Falwell that hit issues from the pulpit. What a man of God we lost when he left this earth because churches were not speaking out the truth and they continued to merely mouth the Word. They trusted in tax free dollars than to stand up and speak the truth. It would have been better to pay taxes than to be shut up, tuck tail, and not speak out. We have so much to repent of as a whole and individually.
    I hear over and over from Christians that God will have His way it doesn’t matter what we do. It is the end and all needs to happen so why should we stop it. Wake up. We do not know that it is the end. Get out and vote for God, His word, keeping America free, stopping Baal worship in our country, tearing down strongholds……… God appointed a warrior who is fighting for us. The man speaks loud and clear. Get behind him.
    If we nothing the left will take away the church tax free dollars and they will wish they spoke out against socialism, Marxism, communism, Baal worship, witchcraft and every wicked thing.

  2. This is odd. I made a comment yesterday about the current Supreme Court justices, saying that they’re all elitists who went to Ivy League schools. The comment showed up just fine. Now today, my comment is gone.

    Do comments sometimes “disappear” on here?

  3. OK “Brother” Lance —
    Your look at the election may not be what the Lord wants! It sure isn’t MY idea of what
    needs to happen. (lol).
    Let’s get serious now and do some good old fashioned Pentecostal Holy Spirit filled
    Spiritual WARFARE! I have sent you several messages but apparently your robot doesn’t
    know the answers (LOL). I went to ministry school in Tulsa too — (3 of them) about the same time you did — maybe we were in the same classes? My ministry was teaching intercession warfare with prophecy — can we get together now and set up some warfare sessions with some of the other warriors? Just drop me a line and lets get some of your followers involved also — WE MUST NOT LOSE THIS ELECTION! We will all have to go underground (lol). GOD Bless all of your ministry. 2 Cor 10:3-4 kjv
    Daylynne 🙂

  4. I know from The Lord that God Almighty has heard and received the genuine and humble repentance and heartcry to Him from America and the nations that occurred on October 26, 2020 in Washington DC. The Lord says He is once again placing His Hand of Protection over America. However, know that evil will fiercely and unrelentingly retaliate in attempting to stop righteousness through His people.

    Therefore, says The Lord, “They must stand firm in My Love knowing Mercy is by their side empowering them to persevere and continue creating good in the midst of evil’s retaliation. They win! So they must push on through. I AM is with them!”

  5. Your posts are refreshingly honest… I look forward to each of them because somewhere in each one a word strikes a prophetic chord. Tonight you mentioned in passing something about a sword. Four years ago in a prayer meeting, circling for final prayer, I was given a very clear vision of a sword suspended, blade down, within the circle. We were studying Revelations that night. I believe the sword represents the dividing of soul and spirit. This war must be fought in the spirit, not the soul. Man’s will, emotions and mind will not work against this darkness. Keep up the good work.