12309581_10153780954479936_4165134366652122827_oWHAT JUST HAPPENED IN TURKEY?

Turkey just shot down a Russian jet. Then Syrian Rebels shot down the Russian helicopter sent to look for downed pilots from the jet Turkey took out. Turkey is a member of NATO. America is obligated to defend Turkey. It was American technology that took the Russian jet down.

Putin is upset about this incident. He said the plane fell in Syrian territory four kilometres (2.5 miles) from the border and “did not in any way threaten Turkey”. He branded the shooting down of the aircraft a “stab in the back committed by accomplices of terrorists”. He insists that oil from jihadist-controlled territory was exported through Turkey while funding was sent the other way, and warned: “The tragic event will have serious consequences for Russian-Turkish relations.”

You may think this is between Putin and Turkey, but Vladimier is obsessed with rivalry between himself and the United States. He looks at everything as if it was a “Me vs. U.S.” contest. We are all too connected.

Diplomats and others will secretly confide that Turkey is a challenge. It is part of Europe by NATO alignment and geography but NOT by culture. The whole world is getting a crash course in France and Belgium about how difficult it is for Muslims to assimilate into Western Civilization. This same drama is being played out in every big election in Turkey. Will they be part of the democratic world or will they become part of an End Time Caliphate?

This all makes Turkey a strange bedfellow (bedfellow meaning an associate or collaborator, in a temporary alliance). Turkey fights Kurds (who are good guys) on their border and Turkey’s government has most likely been playing footsie with cheap ISIS oil (delivered by truck).

Putin himself said, “we established a long time ago that large quantities of oil and oil products from territory captured by Islamic State have been arriving on Turkish territory,” pointing out that was how militants had been funding themselves.

Putin says: “If Islamic State militants earned hundreds of millions of dollars from trading oil and enjoyed the protection of the armed forces “of entire governments” no wonder,” said Putin, “they behaved so boldly.” Putin is saying that the Obama administration has NOT been serious about ISIS. This is a terrorist State that operates with a million dollar a day budget through banks and the oil it transports in trucks.

If America was serious about cutting off ISIS it would STOP THE TRUCKS and nail those partner banks! Putin went after the trucks and rebels working with them and got shot down.

Let’s do a quick rewind on Putin. Russian President Vladimir Putin in recent years has upset several NATO nations by deploying his fighters and bombers close to the airspace of NATO countries (such as Turkey and the U.S.) as a way to try to rattle the allies. Their pilots have played chicken with more than one airspace. This is the first time he has paid a price in having one of his jets shot down and perhaps the pilots killed.

At the U.N. Security Council, Turkey said it had shot down the jet while in Turkish air space. Along with a second plane, the aircraft had flown more than a mile into Turkey for 17 seconds, despite being warned 10 times in five minutes while approaching to change direction, the letter said.”Nobody should doubt that we made our best efforts to avoid this latest incident. But everyone should respect the right of Turkey to defend its borders,” Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said in a speech in Ankara.

Turkish air space is said to have been violated several times in recent weeks, Erdogan said that only Turkey’s “cool-headedness” had prevented worse incidents in the past.

PLOT TWIST- why it gets complicated.

Mr. Putin is backing Syrian President Bashar Assad, which is opposed by the Turkish government and the United States. Assad has killed 250,000 of his own citizens. Turkey is helping rebels opposed to the Assad regime. When Russia declared it was going to bomb ISIS it actually went after rebel forces backed by Turkey and the United States and only added ISIS targets in along the way. It was a moment of supreme frustration to real students of foreign affairs to watch President Obama hand over the initiative in leadership to Russia. They knew Putin would go after America’s partners. Obama evidently didn’t know this.

The U.S. sent F-15C air superiority jets to Turkey to help it patrol and defend its airspace. U.S. Pentagon said no F-15 was in the vicinity.

This “purely took place between the Russians and the Turks,” according to the U.S. spokesman Col. Warren. The Col. has made no secret of the U.S.’s displeasure with Russian’s bombing campaign in Syria. They are the ones asserting Mr. Putin is mostly bombing moderate rebel groups opposed to Mr. Assad and devoting little time to the Islamic State terror army.

So if you put the puzzle together you can see why there is push back on Russia flying into the territory of Turkey or near anti Assad Rebels up close to Turkey. He may be on a noble mission of bombing ISIS but he has not respected Turkey’s airspace and will bomb Turkey rebel partners. They are sending him a message.


1. BUT Turkey may also be complicit in supporting ISIS by purchasing cheap oil! We (the USA) should crack down on this and every other funding stream into ISIS. Maybe it is us and not Russia who should lead the attack on the corrupt oil supply chain between ISIS and Turkey? It’s much harder for Turkey to shoot down a USA partner plane.

2. Between the downing of a Russian passenger plane in Egypt and this downing of a jet by Turkey, President Putin must be recalculating the cost of his thirst for glory. This may be a window of opportunity to help him. He needs to ditch Assad and find a replacement leader.

3. PRAY for calm and clarity. Bind anger and retaliation. Putin seeks glory and a chip in the game of influence in the Middle East. This is a moment when confrontation can escalate in the wrong direction. The real key would be for the right leader to rise up to replace Assad. A leader with close ties to Putin and respect for the next President of the U.S.

4. The Kurds need their own land in all this. They have Christians among the Kurds and are the only fighting force respected by all parties.

5. Turkey needs to be shifted from the influence of right wing Islam and brought into the orbit of Islamic nations that prosper as democracies (like Indonesia).

The world will have peace when men and women full of the spirit of Jesus rule. Till then we need men and women full of the spirit to pray for rulers and over-rule the enemy’s devices.

We need you to rise up and be part of this.
First as intercessors and Second as individuals and micro church groups located at the gates of influence. Don’t step back. Move toward getting involved with the fields you pray about. If you read this article to this point you are called to be in heaven’s SPECIAL FORCES of Intercession.

We also need our people at the gates.

Join me every night on Facebook “Mentions” and “Periscope” as we pray for this great Awakening! Sheep nations rising.


You game?

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