What Has God Called You To Do? | Lance Rewind

What has God called you to do? You might not know what your career convergence zone is but I’m going to show you. First you need to take the Mountain Of Me! Supercharge your personal development by learning how to use your gifts, talents, and skills, then identifying your constraints.

Convergence is finding that sweet spot where those gifts, talents and skills overlap with an opportunity that comes to you, so you step into the thing God set up for you. God will then stretch your character, your skill, and your wisdom. That will in turn shift you over to ‘the work' – your true vocation calling from God.

Let’s go through the Mountain Of Me together and find your career convergence zone!

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2 thoughts on “What Has God Called You To Do? | Lance Rewind

  1. Hi I am new to your site and I have watched the above video, I am really interested to hear some more in depth material. Please can you direct me to it please? Thankyou so much!

  2. WOW!!! The Wheel of Life Describes Me To the Letter. I definitely need balance, and I need seven mountains of help. I am on fire for the Lord, but the World is coming Against Me, to the point that my whole family has abandoned me, I have been Arrested for Trespassing, (long story), that I am fighting, I just got fired from my job for discrimination, and the Gay Agenda is persecuting me. Despite, All of this, I still feel that this is the Lord’s Will. I have been applying some of the Evangelical Witnessing of the Living Waters Ministry, Ray Comfort, “Hell’s Best Kept Secret”, and “Way of the Master”, as well as Apologetics from the AIG (Answers In Genesis) (Ark Encounter – Creation Museum). I was trying to reach out to a Gay Relative at my job. Prayerfully, SOS, SOS, SOS