What do you think?

What do you think?

The purpose of FAVOR is to open a DOOR of access for you. That door positions you to invade the GATES of Hell. Favor increases your proximity to the gates of Hell. Favor releases a divine promotability on your life in the presence of rulers. That’s because favor is JESUS. It’s his favor working in you and thru you at moments of breakthrough.

Favor is a weapon to take territory and a shield to protect from backlash.

If you seek favor just for financial “increase,” you are playing way too small.

2014 is the Hebrew year 5774. Last year was 5773. It’s the number “4” that changes this year, so 4 changes everything. 4 = “Dalet” and the shape of the letter looks like an open flap on a tent or an open door.
Dalet = Door. Favor gets you thru the door and the door gets you into the gate where spiritual forces operate over the lives of people in the organization. God wants to position His wisdom at the gates. He wants kingdom ideas and values at the top. He wants influencers. Do you understand what it is that favor comes to accomplish?

For years I’ve been in conversations where requests for prayer come up and people ask for “favor” on an appointment. The word and the concept is powerful, but I fear it is being used as the spiritual equivalent of a charismatic rabbits foot we rub with a quick prayer to add some spiritual edge to our sales activity.

Is that what “favor” really is? A supernatural “extra something” that moves people to buy whatever it is we are selling? What if your product isn’t as good as someone else’s? What if it’s good but the industry changes and it’s obsolete in 9 months? Was saying “yes” to you, good for them?

Repeatedly in scripture, when someone is chosen for a task their name is linked to the term “favor.” Such as: “and God brought Daniel into favor with the chief of the Eunuchs,” or “and God gave Joseph favor and wisdom in the sight of Pharaoh.” Likewise when the angel came to Mary, “Behold thou, highly favored of The Lord….” And David “thou shalt compass me with favor as a shield.”

So have I’ve been thinking about this. Daniel will risk his life for his beliefs in a lions den. Favor helped reverse that. Joseph had to solve a national crisis and favor was necessary to save his family from starvation and servitude. Favor kept David from having his life ended by a former boss. In every case favor opened a door to the top and presented a gate where Gods people “sat with their enemies at the gate” and safeguarded their fellow Jews by being present where the decisions were made.

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