The “watch” has different shifts that start from late night till early morning.

For me the “Night Watch” is a beautiful time when the Lord wants to make my discerning sharper. It’s a time of occasional warfare also or a time of intimacy.

There is also a place in the Morning Watch…a time to “Command The Morning” and bring things into alignment with the will of God by aggressive agreement. It’s a different type of warfare and different type of prayer – it’s a proclaiming and authorizing of angelic activity. Especially needed to bring about the things the Father wants to become manifest in your day.

Reading Kimberly Daniels about spiritual warfare tonight reminded that whenever we get into the place that God has legally set aside for us, everything that we put our hands to the plow to do will prosper!

Eph 4:27 warns us not to “give place to the devil” This word for “place” is “tops”…from topography, like on a map.

Here is what Kimberly says in her book “Give It Back!”
“The Lord showed me how people had to be HORIZONTALLY and VERTICALLY lined up to fulfill their destiny in life. I saw the lines that came from third heaven down to earth. There were also lines that were connected across the earth. The Lord said to me that IF HIS PEOPLE would get in place (line up) doors would be open for them that no man can deny. With this word, God commanded me to GET IN PLACE! He said that I would experience the benefits of an open heaven like never before…”

She continues: “He also warned me that I had to be connected with the right people and disconnected from the wrong people in the earth realm. He showed me that covenant relationship would mean everything in this hour! ….The greatest warfare you can go through is being connected with people that God has not called you to be with. Being unequally yoked does not just apply to marriage. There are things in life that are held back until certain people moved on.”

Kimberly is right. It’s not that people are bad, it’s that you are not supposed to be connected to every person you meet. They, likewise, could be missing God’s best for them by getting embedded with you. Some gifts were not sent to you. Others were sent for a season and must leave. Don’t be a Klingon.

The world and worldly minded believers think that success is all about connecting to the right successful Christian, church or ministry network. BUT it’s not about connecting with “who’s who”, it’s about connecting with whom God is connecting us in order to fulfill His purpose. Some people who appear to be going somewhere in the natural are standing still and just shining! Others who are actually going somewhere in the Spirit are not immediately evident in the natural. They are in motion and look like a blur. Google and Microsoft and Apple are obvious now…but at one time their founders were rubbing shoulders with peers and nobody knew who they were. They were a blur in motion.

The right people in your life add to the focus of what God is doing and the wrong people or even the RIGHT people at the wrong time or season will become a distraction. You will only be able to go as far and as fast as the focus you’ve got. The wrong people distract you.

The right horizontal and vertical alignments with people will release the right horizontal and vertical alignments with assignments. This is going to happen FAST as you SEEK FIRST the kingdom in the NIGHT WATCH or decide to enforce it in the EARLY MORNING.

Get Kimberly’s book and join me for some powerful late night or early prayer meetings. We can do it on Skype or something. What do ya say mate?

Lets get a Holy Ghost Prayer group on the wall!

Pass this on to others!

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