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18 thoughts on “Watch This Mike Pence Moment

  1. Mr. Wallnau I want to be a Christian that shows to GOD that my faith is alive.
    Can you please tell me what to do? I live in Tennessee and I love President Trump with my whole heart.
    I loved him long before he became President starting probably in the late eighties or early 90’s.
    I love so many things about him especially the love he has for this nation and I believe he now is a believer in the only true living GOD.
    Years ago there were videos (that if a person shut their eyes) you’d think it was very recent declarations that was on the interview.
    I’m 74 and so would love to attend that rally but cannot. My heart and spirit will be there with all the patriots and will continue to pray and I know GOD and righteousness will prevail.
    I want to write letters to my representatives in Tennessee.
    Would you help me find the main ones I need to write to and help to word it so I can help them to understand how important it is to save our republic.
    I know the evidence of corruption and crime is rampant and it needs to change and I know GOD can help us.

    I listen to you every day and thank you so very much.

    Janet Gammon

    • Dear Janet, You, by the words of your testimony are in the Army of the Lord. You are aware of what is happening and taking your concerns to God in prayer. You support President Trump.
      You can reach your Senators contact info at: and

      The joy of the Lord is our strength. I am a Lance Wallnau supporter but not part of his staff. I just wanted to be sure someone responded to you.

    • A friend shared your website, enjoyed your video. Fortunately I DID write my Senator and Congressman on the 30th. I don’t know what possessed me to do it, but I did. I let them know how disappointed “we the people “ are with their stance in this election. I was nice, but direct and that if our President Trump did not remain in office their jobs would be on the line because “we the people “ are fired up. I did subscribe to your website so I can receive information from you. I loved it about the fat lady and Biden, if he makes it the inauguration will be in his basement because that is where he gets his inspiration. Thank you for your thoughts! Paula

  2. I stumbled today on Gene Bailey’s “FLASHPOINT” and once you were there I watched the video. Why? Because of what you said about our God-chosen President Trump just before you held the “AsOneRally”. Two things, among others, are:
    he would not win like he did in 2016(I deliberately omit your 5-4 court ruling); and he would leave the White House a better Christian. These today are true. But I did not see those convictions displayed in the video and Gene noted your discernible despair.
    Howbeit, l, at age 80, I say Proverbs 16 verse 4 (NIV) is instructive. Now to the mundane: Job 5 verse 12(NIV) sums up what Sidney Powell, God’s messenger, euphemistically refer to as “Machiavellian Deception”. May be you did not see
    “President Michelle Obama and Vice President Hussein Obama” in that kayak! It’s the metaphor.
    Rev.Wright did not interpret Hebrews 11 verses 32-34(NIV) to Hussein when he was plotting his “successful” entry strategy into the White House hence his final “glorious” exit strategy a.k.a “A Promised Land”, his latest “book”, is divinely doomed. Note that President Trump won re-election on May 17, 2017. Please think hard now about this-Proverbs 11 verse1(NIV). Our God never sleeps-Proverbs 15 verse 3(NIV). Let me stop here please.
    P.S. Our President’s initials. DJT, mean Divine Judgement Time. And the time is here. God’s judgement no appeal. Always yours in Christ. Amen.

  3. MC traitor reasons 1)Oct 22 MC had bruising like blood thinner px would have after forcibly detained by hands & wrists & taped by mouth 2)wife’s family is CCP business dependent 3)MC may have benefited from election fraud & needs Biden cover PLEASE NOTE, that was the truncated version sent to Trump’s website. I have Doctorate and BS in human biology. Look at Mitch’s bruise pictures. I am 100% sure of the bruise patterns because of my experience as a chiropractor touching & examining patients. I am Kentucky resident. I suspect Mitch benefits from electoral fraud because of his wife’s family business connections to China BECAUSE of how he has historically instructed our local Republican party to campaign for him. Signs 2 weeks before the election. That is it. Too much confidence. Mitch and the other senators have benefited from the election fraud through the years. Sidney Powell said that the fraud crosses the party lines. Can Sidney Powell point our the election fraud in the other offices, Senate, House, Governors, in order to expose why they are betraying our people’s choice for governor because we have election fraud at all levels. When President Trump makes this announcement the people will go wild! The judges are also being corruptly elected. SC Roberts has pedophilia and Epstein connections?


    Hi Lance. I’m An electrician from Ohio. Heard you yellow comment.
    Buy LED bulbs with a Kelvin number of 3500 4000 or 5000. The lower the number the more yellow the light. 3500k is white, 4000k is bright white.
    There will be lighting facts chart on the packages.
    Love your stuff. Keep up the fight. Trump will still be our POTUS Jan 21, 21.

  5. Lance,
    I took your advice–in addition to praying, I made a phone call to Kemp’s office. Took about 10-15 minutes to talk to a live person. (Can’t find his email address in the official Georgia governor’s website.).

    I told the lady my first name and that I was calling from California; asked her to pass my message to Governor Kemp: “If he doesn’t get his acts together and fix this election fraud, he can forget about running for president in a few years. The whole nation is watching Georgia. The whole nation is watching him.”

    Hopefully that was straight to the point.

  6. I pray Mike Pence will step up for the people of the US and help Pres Trump in his attempt to regain the presidency. Biden is too old and not accountable for his actions and decisions. I am an 80 year old white female and never have I worried about our leaders before, the evil things that are going on is mind blowing. I did not like Trump, but I voted for him, and I feel he has done an exceptional job. He was on the job at all times, worrying about all of us, at all times. Obama was always on vacation. all the time. He was president for Obama. I pray for Trump and Mike Pence. Do the right thing for all of us. The Senators in Washington are out for themselves. Help us all have a country to be proud of.

  7. Good, you watch Bannon. On Monday Bannon will be interviewing Archbishop Vigano on the latest with regard the spiritual issue that are going on behind the scenes with this election. He is calling it a “throw down”.
    I think of Kim Clements prophecy where he says that after Billy Graham God will lift up 2 people, a man and a woman. One of those may be Vigano. As for the woman, Sydney Powell is a fabulous possibility. I listened to Flashpoint with he interview (you, Mario, and John Graves were there, too).
    I agree with Graves equating her to Deborah in the Bible.
    PS Go Packers

  8. Hello Lance my name is Paul I watch all you programs. But the Lord has put this on my heart.Our fight is not against flesh and blood but principalities and power. In short God loves Nancy Pelosi and the dems as much as he loves you .l strongly believe you fighting the battle the wrong way please pray for them as they no not what they do .Pray for their salvation so that they may turn to God and turn from their wicked ways they will repent and their eyes will be opened.GOD BLESS YOU AND KEEP YOU SAFE LANCE

  9. I am a Christian, and I am going to be honest, and sorry to say, I never did like Donald Trump. (Read to the end of this post, you won’t regret it)… Everything about that man, depicted on national tv, appeared to be anything but Christian. I was so disheartened by the candidate choices that I almost didn’t vote in 2016. First off, the media made it sound like Hilary Clinton was a shoe-in… and second, I couldn’t vote for “the lessor of two evils” because in my heart I couldn’t vote for evil (period). The morning of elections I woke up and the first thing in my head was “Go vote for Trump”…. “No!” (I wrestled with my own thoughts). Then a still small voice, “Trump is going to win.” … “No! How could he?”… “He will win without your vote, but I want you to go vote anyway.” … Still questioning my thoughts, I reached over and picked up my Bible, and out of the Bible fell out an old bookmark “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding…” …. “Ok, Lord”… It was still very confusing to me because “Make America Great Again” was not on the agenda for the G20, and the World Leaders of the WEF, WHO…. The Lord had shown me years ago that G20 was ushering in One World Government and the platform was already here, the U.S.A. Russia and China and several other countries are all behind it… and the American news media was not reporting on any of what was going on in the world forum with Bush, Clinton and Obama … G20 and 2030 Goals (that were once 2020 changed to 2030) … and America was about to be in for a rude awakening… Knowing what the Lord had revealed to me… How could “Make America Great Again” fit into world government leadership?… It couldn’t… The World Leaders don’t want America great again… They will surely try to stop Trump…. Trump was not one of the ‘game-players’ in world leadership… Late one night, in 2015 I saw propaganda from China that depicted them as world leaders over Russia, the U.S., Germany, and all other nations…. In their propaganda, the Chinese flag flew high over the flags of the other countries… So in the back of my mind I knew that there was no way “Make America Great Again” would get into World Politics… To my astonishment the next day Donald Trump won the election, and the Lord impressed on my heart, “Trump did just what his name said he would do.”…. I started to gain hope that perhaps the end times was not as close as predicted, and the One World Order has been put off for some time… The next four years I could see why Trump was appointed to that position. No man on earth could possibly withstand that pressure and still come out smiling. That man has the courage of steel. Throughout the next four years God also showed me in the account of biblical History that ALL the men who God called up to leadership had their own personal failures. There is no perfect man (apart from Jesus Christ) … We are all sinners, and have fallen short. Throughout History, God has used worse people than Donald Trump for HIS purposes… History shows that for over 10,000 years, imperfect men have changed the world for good… (one example: Saul/Paul). Trump is certainly no Paul, although his perseverance and testimony will go down in world history … It wouldn’t matter who God rises up as leader, as long as the man stands for God, and His precepts, then whatever he does good will somehow come of it… Trump has grown on me over the past 4 years… I probably wouldn’t have given Saul a chance back in the day, even after his name changed to Paul. Trump is no Paul, but I think Pence, and the prayers of the American people have rubbed off on him a little. Every living man and woman deserves redemption.

    In 1996 God asked me to write a book “Wake up America”…. I did not listen, so he got someone else to do the job. I learned a long time ago that when we are not obedient to the calling God places on our lives we have consequences. America has consequences she must face for the people turning their backs on God, and blindly allowing this corruption in the U.S.A. to take a foot-hold… As a mom and grandma, I have never wanted to be involved in politics … I couldn’t’ even tell you most of the names of the people in government… but as a Christian, I do know that when God is removed from government and society, there are consequences. History shows us that time and time again … All around the world, nations have risen to the top, and then have fallen. Coming to demise only after rejecting God’s ways. Now it is up to God’s people to take back America, and stop selling out to Global elites in power promoting socialist and communist domains… America has been an example to the world for freedom, justice, in pure domestic tranquility… Our American Politians need to Uphold the U.S. Constitution that made us who we are; a country where people from every tribe and every nation in the world come here for a chance to live a better life, in this FREE country. Our Youth need to read the Pre-amble, and the entire Constitution and know your rights, know your freedoms, and protect them.

    I am just a grandmother, in a small town… but God showed me election fraud decades ago. That is why I hesitate even voting. But I have learned that when God tells us to do something, we better listen. Now God is calling His people to rise up… It is “The Great Awakening”… Will you respond to the call? Even if Biden / Harris take office on January 20, 2021, God is watching… and He is prompting His people to do His will, for the good of the world. God has been holding back judgement, to see if America will rise up and reclaim the country for Him, and the principals humanity was created to uphold – Honesty, Integrity, Wisdom, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Self-Control, Courage, Fearless, Strong, and Trusting God… The government is not our God. We trust God for our health, our safety, and our provisions (as He has never failed His people). We vote in electors who will stand for the people of God, and to assure His creation is kept safe and good. We are free by the grace of God; under God we are free. Our Constitution protects those God-given freedoms.

    When I grew up, it used to be that both democrats and republicans stood for honesty and integrity… now I see hardly neither of them will uphold that… There are still a few good ones, and some young ones coming in… but it seems like when the good and honest ones get into office they are quickly ousted, or they can’t handle the corruption or they are squeezed out by the evil ones… In the Constitution, “Freedom of Religion” meant no one religion or denomination could take precedence over another… Never was it intended to remove God from our government, or our country… Our founding fathers knew that without God a nation will eventually fall. Democrats and Republicans alike used to believe that… Honesty and election integrity was more important than getting their corporate agenda met… When I was a kid, honesty, integrity, respect and kindness was what we all lived by… The past few decades all of that has fallen by the weigh-side. Lies, fraud and corruption has smothered us, this should not be… The main-stream media owners have fallen prey, and even “The Washington Post” (named after an honest man) has diverted to only reporting what “Associated Press” allows them to report… Washington Post moto: “Democracy Dies in Darkness” (Thank you for that one truth). The media has kept the American people in the dark… Light is starting to shine in Dark places, and God says: “darkness is always exposed when light enters” … Light is starting to shine in dark places… Evil, lies, dishonesty, has to get out of our government, or we will no longer be USA… Democrats or Republicans, It is crucial we regain the Christian moral values in America, or God will bring this country down…. “One nation, Under God, Indivisible” …. A nation without God will surly fall (History has proven that)…. God rises nations who follow Him. Yet those who turn their back on him are brought to their knees (in this lifetime, or the next)… Some say, Bible prophecy is predicting “end times” … perhaps we have some time left… another thousand years, or a hundred, or maybe only two or three?… Only God determines that… But one thing for certain, we ALL die, and we all will face our Creator within the next years to come… How will we leave this nation of young people? We are not supposed to fear death… we are to fear the one who gave us life, and who can take our life in an instant, God almighty. We will face Him one day… This is not just an America problem, this is a world problem… It doesn’t matter who runs this country, if God is their King… God is asking the people: What side will you stand on?… There is a line in the sand… Good vs Evil. There are only two sides: Good vs Evil…. Do not be deceived by corruption, “in the last days good will be viewed as bad, and evil will be celebrated as good”….. Visualize the line down the middle… God’s side has Honesty, Integrity, Love, Joy, Peace, and Freedom… The Evil side has Hate, Lies, Fraud, Corruption, Deception, Greed, Murdering the innocent, Coverups in Darkness… Praying God’s people, and those reading this, will not be deceived. Now God is asking for the American people, and the people of this world, to choose a side. What side will you take? Good or Evil?

  10. You know that your site is rated not secure. They are trying to scare everyone off. I am a 78 year old woman and have never in my life followed political candidates. I haven’t cared whether Democrats or Republicans ran our country. But, now, it seems I am obsessed with President Trump and followed him during his campaign. It might be that I heard that he was chosen by God to clean up the swamp of DC. I feel so dejected with the way things are going now. Everyone is kicking him when he is seemingly down. Everyone is so hateful and gleeful at every snub. It breaks my heart. The prophets that I’ve read say, Don’t count him out, there is still time for him to pull this off. My faith wavers in believing he can still do something to reverse this and it is hopeless. I believe God will do something just in time, but then I think we didn’t repent and humble ourselves enough and we have to suffer the consequences.

  11. How many years have I wasted thinking I was making a difference in the world by just “loving “ people. So thankful to God to have stumbled upon a Christian with guts! My prayers are developing appendages with boots & boxing gloves! Praise the Lord

  12. Thank you, just heard about you from a friend. Praying for President Trump and his administration that he prevails and all the evil will come out and the ones who lied and committed crimes that they go to jail and go away, all the Democrats need to be locked up, shame on them. God bless you for what you do, prayers for our country for God’s will be done. We will overcome and God will come out the leader with our President.