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17 thoughts on “Video – The Writing On The Wall – Lance Wallnau

  1. Do it Lance, I’d be there flying all the way from Phuket (90 mins is so much more doable than 20+ hours)! And that is a very cool, innovative conference facility design, I’m impressed!

  2. Yeah …Just Do It. Singapore needs your Teaching on Transformation of the Marketplace. Not only your Teaching but more so the Practical Actions that comes with it.

  3. AMAZING!!!!!! Oh my goodness can you imagine Lance?! I would of course have to use a PINK marker on the whiteboard 🙂 I want one of those in my corporate offices!!!! Hey, I need to make my BATHROOM like that as my visionary ideas always come while blowdrying my hair or getting ready!

  4. how about the floors and ceiling? I need that room for our local “Boys and Girls Club” (amongst others)…they need the creativity release and a few flags to capture… now … I have a marker board here that connects to a computer… HOW about those walls connected to capture what the mind may need a repeat of? ok, multi-positioned cameras will do for now. Suggest that to them… that would make for an interesting multilayered-dimensional “capture” program for the walls Sir “WAL-NOW” … that’s why you like the room lol… walls with an ever changing Image of tommorow (Imaginal) … lol … (good morning lance, from here in the desert where a cool river runs through it)

  5. This made me smile!! Lance in his own ‘whiteboard paradise’ – you could just taste his joy! Love to join in…..

  6. Yes! My company has an office in Singapore so it would be a win/win to learn from you and I get to meet my counterparts. I love the concept of that room.

  7. Imagine now Lance, if each of those multi-surfaces simultaneously recorded participants’ discussions and electronically captured your doodling for downloading to your partners, associates, and other interested stakeholders!

  8. Lance, I hope you will hook up with Joseph Prince/New Creation Church there in Singapore, if you haven’t already. They are producing multitudes of successful people and world changers.