Understanding God’s Ways!

Contrary to the saying, “God works in mysterious ways.’ God actually wants you to understand His ways. He does not want you to jump off the potter’s wheel at the very times He is shaping you for the future. Many people can understand God’s acts, but they do not understand His ways. They do not understand the way God shapes a vessel as He takes it from glory to glory. Jeremiah tells us that God is the potter and we are the clay. How does the potter shape clay? He shapes it with spinning cycles and applied pressure.

Remember that: cycles of life and applied pressure!

God’s acts are easy enough to identify. We can all recognize God’s power to intervene, heal, fill, deliver and provide. But His ways refer to the processes and the principles that rule His realm of operation.

God has non-optional laws that govern the moral universe just as He has natural laws that govern the physical universe. God’s acts are the mighty manifestations of His intervention on earth. His ways are the processes and principles that set up those mighty acts. If you want to see the works of God in Joseph, for example, you must understand the ways in which God matured Joseph for those works.

“Faith” is the operative word we focus on when we pursue God’s mighty acts, but “trust” is the word we focus on when God is revealing His ways. God wants us both to believe in His power and to trust His nature. God’s acts reveal what He can do, but His ways reveal who He is. One is a revelation of “doing.” “Faith” is an action word. The other is a revelation of character or “being.” “Trust” is a resting word, if you will. Perhaps one of the hardest tasks for a believer is learning to trust God and building a deeper relationship while waiting for the supernatural manifestation of His power. Knowing God’s character is as important as knowing His power. God’s acts are often unpredictable. Jesus said, “The wind blows where it wishes” (John 3:8). You cannot control God’s acts. However, His character is completely and utterly consistent and reliable.

Destiny is a life lived in the adventure of knowing both God’s acts and ways, and knowing how to behave in periods of stretching and periods where cycles seem to repeat. Take a second look – you’re not going around a circle but a cycle, UP the mountain! Each cycle is shorter and the view is different.

If you are in earnest about answering His call, He will move heaven and earth to make a straight path for you – to the summit – and into His highest and best for your life.

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