47 Christians killed by radical Muslims in ISIS and news says “47 people killed in church blasts.” By targeting the Christian minority (10% of population) the radical Muslims hope to unify Muslims behind ISIS. Someone should just say – Here's a really politically incorrect moment … Islam is the most intolerant religion in the world. (Hindus are running a close second in India.) Nuns are not blowing up Mosques. Are there moderate Muslims? Yes. Unfortunately, the more Muslims you have the more likely the occurrence of terrorism. Talk to liberals in France. It's a mess. Same in Sweden. And Belgian territory is now a beehive of extremism. Egypt cannot protect its Christian minority. What do they have in common? Islam. I think it's time Christians got some nerve and openly declared that Christianity and Christian civilization is the only religious worldview that allows for genuine diversity and tolerance. Christianity is the only religion with a track record of providing the hope of domestic tranquility and economic flourishing. European and American Democracy is the byproduct of Christian civilization. The nations are going to align for or against Christianity. It's inevitable.

The devil is real and he works through rulers – (see Luke 4 “I give it to whom I will”.) He hates the anointing. He fears the intersection of Gods people at the gates of influence that form nations. He fears the Gospel. Let's get clear…Christ is not only the answer to the broken human condition, Christianity is the answer to the broken condition of nation states. Any alternative is a counterfeit, and the counterfeit for Christ will produce hell on earth.

Progressives have taken over Academia, Entertainment, Media and half of government and big business. They have done so with 3% willing to be radicals. They represent 8% of the population but control 75% of our high places. Christians represent 25% of the population and 5% are willing to take back ground- if properly mobilized and led.

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