Trust The Character Of The One Who Is In Charge

12243543_10153781344749936_1523743747534397126_nConsider this aspect of Joseph's story. He does not know what is going on with his situation. He knows that God is with him but he thinks he is in the wrong place! He asks to be delivered from prison and returned to his Fathers house. Through it all he did not know what God was doing – but he trusted the character of the one who was in charge.

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One thought on “Trust The Character Of The One Who Is In Charge

  1. Greeting great man of God, please check periscope. Connection is not coming through. I live in PA and starting at 10 pm eastern I start looking to connect with you. I stay up until 1 2 am awaiting to connect. I was able to get the 28 Nov prayer and the Trump update thru 7m underground face book last night. Please help. Even though I prayer any ways I want to connect and be in agreement.ich Blessings. Eliette