When Daniel prayed in the third year of Cyrus a battle broke out in second heaven between the hosts of the Principality of Persia and the host of Gabriel. Michael was dispatched and shifted the battle as the patriarch interceded. As they are targeting Trump’s personal property and probably his household, it is vital that the Daniel army of intercessors pray for these properties.

More on this in a later broadcast.

Mar-a-Lago in the firing line: Iranian presidential adviser posts list of Donald Trump’s properties in chilling hint of an attack on his real estate empire – after Iran put an $80million bounty on his head

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  1. This sounds like a “tit for tat” from Iranian leadership and there is that limp hit they made over night in Iraq.
    I’ve distantly known Donald Trump since 1989 when he helped my brother & I in our business endeavors back then. Donald Trump is not one to be bullied or overwhelmed he’s inspiring and likes to be inspired. The Democrat run House of Representatives, has done no favors to him as President, they have simply worked to embolden America and Israel’s enemies to act aggressively against our President and all that belongs to Trump. Through the House of Reps Congress members made themselves Iran’s example of aggression against all things Donald. If Iran is stupid enough to attack anything belonging to Trump, it will be squarely due to those inflamed autocrats in the House of Reps, who have started all this hubris against Donald Trump and his family. They are an ABSOLUTE disgrace to this nation and NO example to follow – unless you’re a tyrannical terrorist.

  2. Are you aware the Pastor’s are not allowed to speak polotics. They sold their soul to the devil when they signed for the 501 c. I think there’s a 3 in there. Anyway look it up. Majority of churches are bound.