Trump Like Samson, God’s Chosen Strongman, Awakening Will Come If Christians Support: Lance Wallnau | The Christian Post

I had an interview with Brandon Showalter from The Christian Post who wrote this particular article. I got together with him after I’d finished speaking for the Values Voters Summit in Washington D.C. last week and all in all, this is a faithful article covering what I talked about during the conference, and he included my thoughts regarding President Trump and the role of the Church in America.

Excerpt from The Christian Post:

“I think America deserves judgment. I can think of nothing more characteristic of the narcissism of our nation than believers themselves offended at the nature of the ark that God designs for a flood,” he said, when asked what he makes of Christians who find Trump’s Twitter habits and other antics boorish. “It’s as though they are complaining that it doesn’t meet their cruise line specification for the kind of Christian character and civility that they long for in political discourse. God sends them an Elijah, who is a coarse, hairy man who evidently that isn’t very sociable. The only person he has an ongoing conversation with is his apprentice he gives his mantle to.” The church in the United States needs to toughen up and stop thinking that they are going to have a “Christian champion” who will fight their battles, he went to say, and realize that their absence of engagement on the front lines of major battle zones has cost them so much that God has displayed mercy by “giving us a Samson” in Trump.

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Source: Trump Like Samson, God’s Chosen Strongman, Awakening Will Come if Christians Support: Lance Wallnau | The Christian Post

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