Trump Addresses Poland

Describes Warsaw Uprising

Watching Donald Trump give a great speech to Poland and reminding them that their desire for God was a key to their recovery as an independent
trump poland nation.  They were the first ones to break out of the Soviet grip. He warns that Russia is a nation whose meddling and agenda with regard to Poland and Ukraine and Syria and Iran is threatening.
He continued describing the Warsaw Uprising when on Aug 1944 on Jerusalem Ave the Germans fought the Polish military. Both needed the Ave. but the Polish fighters dug a trench in the face of machine gun fire and thus linked their people across the Avenue and kept the Nazis from progress.
Trump warns that the danger for Europe is the threat of an ever-expanding and growing government is a threat. He closed saying the battle for us is in our minds and that we must guard the bonds of Western civilization, namely, family, freedom, and God! These are the values that unite Western Civilization according to Trump.

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