1477677_10152024602234936_513248544_nIt would be a shame to let those who do not love or respect you to eat up the golden currency of time available to invest in the precious ones who do love you.

I am often troubled by the verse that talks about those who have walked among us… “of whom the world was not worthy.” I think I know some of these people. They do not demand your time or your money. They live quietly, compared to those who are driven by the need to be seen and heard. They do the little things that make a big difference in the lives of others. They can be trusted with a wallet accidentally dropped in a parking lot, or a stray child parted from a distracted parent. They are reluctant to laugh at humor delivered at the expense of the dignity of another. They feel more deeply and care more profoundly.

Take a moment to ask the Lord who these hidden saints are and don't be surprised if you discover them right under your roof.

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