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4 thoughts on “They Call It The Christian Mafia…

  1. I believe with every fiber of my being that Donald Trump will be re-elected as POTUS. After his second term has ended I believe that Mike Pence will be sworn in as POTUS. Do not be surprised if this happens. I’m a native Washingtonian, Black female and I know I’ll be vilified if I told my family this. My oldest sister got mad at me because my daughter told her I voted for Trump( child was at voting booth with me). I know God put him there and He’s not finished yet; there’s more work for Trump to do. Already people are saying they are putting Trump back in office. The Democrats, I believe, will loose Big Time in 2020.

  2. Mr Wallnau,
    1) Your microphone was disabled during the first few minutes of this video post.
    2) Does it really cost $297 to view the livestream of your “extreme dream trip?”
    3) did my ears deceive me (or maybe it was a demonic force) but were you referring to Janet Jackson’s breast (or, as you used the term,”boob”) as an illustration for a theological concept?

    • One more question, you claim to have given lectures at Harvard and MIT. Would you kindly provide more information—dates, topics, and possibly transcripts/recordings?
      Many thanks.

  3. Lance, didn’t you hear that the Obama’s bought into NETFLIX?
    That’s why this garbage is coming out of there
    And now the Clinton’s are very involved with movies in Hollywood.
    They’re going to do the same thing!
    They’re going to bombard us with lies about everything that is good.
    And who watches movies…children, everyone.
    Netflix is in thousands and thousands of homes.