The Word Of The Lord From Jerusalem

Well here we are in Jerusalem, overlooking the historic setting of the place where Peter preached on the day of Pentecost. We’re here at the Feast Of Tabernacles where worshipers are showing up by the thousands. We see the ritual baths, the mikvahs that were used when Peter preached on the day of Pentecost, where the 2000 were baptized that day.

Have you been following the concerted Democrat effort to get AG Barr and President Trump out of office? Well I’ve got some news on that and how they are trying to rip off the American public. I pray for and bless President Trump and I hope you share and do the same.

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6 thoughts on “The Word Of The Lord From Jerusalem

  1. Thank you Lance! Teared up while praying with you!

    Look forward to your next video tomorrow!!

    Facing serious family challenges right now. Have re-listened to your series in Leviathan several times over the past few weeks.

    Helping me “lift my head up” and not giving in to the spirit of strife.

    Wisdom, favor, anointing and protection on you and your family in Jesus name!

  2. Thank you Lance! Tearing up while praying with you.

    Experiencing serious family challenges. Have re-listened to your Leviathan series several times over the last few weeks.

    Am “lifting my head” and being mindful of the spirit of strife to avoid it.

    Wisdom, favor, anointing and protection on you and yours in Jesus name.

    Look forward to hearing your next video tomorrow.

    • I love your style…God has pick a man as u…to led His people into truth and to inlight us to the truth of what the Democrats r doing and what the Lord is doing within Trump. U have so much humor within u…u keep all of us into heart of laughter.
      God bless u always.
      Keep on doing what u do best.
      Thank u

  3. Thanks Lance! God must have given YOU and the PRES especially large doses of “hanging on” and persistence! I have prayed for the Kurds as well as our govt.—particularly while I was in the hospital for a week! However, the enemy’s increasingly heavy onslaught can ALSO be a sign of Hope—ie his increasing nervousness over the Return of our King and Lord. Even now Jesus is gathering together His forces—and I am not taking about a “Rapture” event! (we think that we have everything all in this perfect doctrinal timeline……..) Blessings and strength as you keep moving forward—and thank you again!

  4. The Lord has me praying CONSTANTLY asking Him to expose ALL the corruption that’s out there! In all 7 of the mountains! He sees it all, knows it all, and He’s answering those prayers!! But also to raise up His righteous ones to move into those places of influence!