The Truth About The Empty Seats At Trump’s Tulsa Rally

Here’s a LIVE update of what really happened at President Trump's rally at the BOK center in Tulsa, Oklahoma! Mercedes Sparks, is VP of our operation and just returned from Tulsa.

Thousands of attendees were not willing to work their way through the angry protestors to get to the security entrances. You can see it in this picture.

For those who insist that only 8,000 people showed up, consider that it’s 7,990 more than show up in Joe Biden’s basement. There were 7-8.2 million people that watched Trump… setting a record for Fox as the largest Saturday night audience in Fox history.

Judging by the deluge of biting, destructive (and frequently misspelled) comments I’m now getting from the Left, this must be a broadcast that is hard to ignore. Share it.

Pray that God continues to “Shake America Great Again!” #SAGA

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3 thoughts on “The Truth About The Empty Seats At Trump’s Tulsa Rally

  1. You are so right, if this were reversed, the media would be in an absolute uproar over Dems not being able to get in. Please keep the updates coming.

  2. Thank you! Don’t give up!!!! We love you and we love our president and we love America! We the people are out here and we believe in one nation, under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for All! Our forefathers penned a prayer out of the pledge of allegiance! I have a huge concern about protecting our votes. George Soros owns the company that furnishes the new voting machines. That came out some time during the end of the Obama administration. And that info disappeared. At one time it was arranged for every 5 th or so vote would be flipped to the dems when they were being auto counted. That went away quickly and there’s the whole mail in votes being found in the trash, behind cabinets etc. And accidentally being ripped and accidents that make them unreadable., double voting by the same person and allowing illegals to vote.