The time to “Double”

1959260_10152260476579936_1193961655_nProphetic WATCH-WORD: The time to “Double”Stay tuned….'cause I am going to tell you a real CRAZY update regarding Bob Jones' supernatural passing.

The Hebrew Text says “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.” The word for “precious” does not convey the meaning. The word does not mean “dear”, it means “costly.” It takes a long time to make an experienced warrior and it costs something when they depart. Earth loses a costly asset.

But when some go….they don't go ‘normal', and they keep influencing things after they've gone.

Let's talk about mantles or spiritual inheritance in the form of a word called – “double portions.” The picture on this post is of Elisha receiving a double portion mantle from Elijah. Prophets, for some reason, are connected to the “double portion” in one way or another. Kings don't necessarily die and leave a mantle, but Prophets in the Bible do. They are either receiving mantles and double portions or prophesying them into others.

A great Prophet named Bob Jones departed recently. He was living as part of the eldership at Morningstar under Rick Joyner. I am on the board at Morningstar and both knew Bob and had a great affection for him. His memorial service was massively attended in Charlotte NC, the Morningstar base.

14 is the double of the perfect number 7. So 2014 is the time when God is doubling our capacity to move into supernatural rest by releasing accelerated increase. Inheritance is being released.

Bob Jones departed on Valentines day. When was that? The 2nd month and the 14th day. Doubles all over this date. 2/14/14…Valentines Day!


Most people do not know that on his final night he was in TWO PLACES AT ONCE. I know it sounds crazy but his wife was with him in the hospital as he also appeared to a doctor on another floor. The doctor was asleep in his office on a cot because of hazardous road conditions. The door had a keypad lock on the outside. Bob appeared and somehow supernaturally knew the number to the lock and opened the door.

The startled doctor recognized him and went to touch him but Bob told him not to touch him as he was in the process of departing and didn't want the doctor to die and go with him by accident! He proceeded to give a series of specific prophecies that he felt needed to be communicated to Rick Joyner. Surprisingly, Bob was standing, sort of dancing back and forth as he spoke. What made this phenomenal is that the bones in his legs were broken due to calcium deficiency which was related to his illness. He could not have walked if he wanted to, or stood….and besides, his body was in the other room with his wife, Bonnie.

Shortly after this strange interview, Bob left the doctor, returned to his body and departed…on Valentine's Day. Who knows how these things work. In fact, Bob himself kept saying ” I don't fully understand how this works,” while talking to the doctor.

The next day the doctor went to read his notes and they were not written in English. They were written, it seems, in something that looks like Mandarin, a language the doctor does not speak. There were numerous words for various ministries.

I will find out more about that mysterious document. But this keeps going…..

Several people are having dreams related to Bob.
Since I am with Prophets this week, James Goll, Stacey Campbell, Mark Chironna as well as leading Apostles convened by Che Ahn, I am picking up on something.

As I woke up today, I remembered a dream I had that involved Bob THIS MORNING. Bob was giving me advice as I was working feverishly on a production line, trying to supply some sort of product. The product was a duplicate or DOUBLE item. The meaning has to do with “the double” and the prophetic (Bob represents) is part of it.

Later in the day, I had to call Bob Harrison about an upcoming meeting I will speak at, his “Increase” event in Maui. Asking him the theme he said…”DOUBLE”


WATCH THE TIMING. THIS MONTH IS THE MONTH OF “Nissan” – the time from March to April when Passover takes place in the Jewish calendar. 50 days after is Pentecost. When I called Bob Harrison to talk tonight, he was celebrating his daughter's 50th birthday!

After the Bob dream, I joined the group I'm with in Cabo and Che Ahn had us pray over one another. The gift of prophecy literally SEEMED TO ROAR INTO ME AND THROUGH ME as I ministered to my friends. I have not swung that prophetic mantle in years, having relied increasingly on my prophetic teaching gift rather than straight-out “prophesying.” My gift is reactivated.

Afterward, I considered the meaning of the dream. Bob Jones represented the “Prophet” and the production line had two items in my life , the office of “Prophet” and “Teacher.” For a season these two are going to work as DOUBLES; they will produce double impact for you and others and, I believe, double increase for me and my ministry team.

In fact, we will be doing “DOUBLE YOUR BUSINESS” Coaching this month. Ask about it at “”

THE NEXT 50 DAYS are strategic like I never saw before. Positioning us for the DOUBLE, from Passover to Pentecost.

Any of this make sense?


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