The Mount Zion Mantle – Manifesting Your 100 Fold Anointing

Have you ever had a conversation where you say something profound and you didn’t know it before you said it? You could be talking to someone about what the Lord is saying, and He adds to that conversation live, while it’s taking place.

That’s what is called the Mount Zion Mantle, which is the ability that allows you to adjust yourself to different levels of anointing, until you reach your 100 Fold anointing.

Do you want to learn more? Mount Zion Mantle

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One thought on “The Mount Zion Mantle – Manifesting Your 100 Fold Anointing

  1. Mr. Wallnau,

    As long as you keep putting your videos on YouTube, I’m no longer going to be watching them. Google owns YouTube. The Big Tech giants, including and *especially* Google, want to steal the election.

    How can you warn us to pray and do everything we can to prevent the election from being stolen, when you’re enabling Google by putting your videos on YouTube?? There are many other Web sites where you could put your videos, such as BitChute.

    If you move your videos to another host that isn’t owned by one of the Big Tech giants, then I’ll start watching them again.