The Media And The Transcript They Won’t Talk About (Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki)

I’m reading the transcript from the Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki… you won’t believe what the media has hidden from you with clips and cuts and paraphrasing. It’s what they do – what they’ve always done, even back to the Pentagon Papers and Nixon!

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2 thoughts on “The Media And The Transcript They Won’t Talk About (Trump-Putin Summit in Helsinki)

  1. I love your broadcasts Mr. Wallnau. With regard to your speculation as to why the American left hate Putin so much and that because they do, perhaps he’s not all that bad. My theory on Putin and the American left goes back to the Soviet era. Could it be that the power brokers of the American left today are the product of decades long activities of Soviet agents to corrupt American culture, and that the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s happened because of behind the scenes, anti-Communist actors like Putin? Could it be that although Putin is no lover of democracy he is no lover of Communist/Socialist political ideology either — that he’s simply a Russian nationalist — and this is why the American left want to destroy him so much? Let’s face it, the platform of the modern Democrats bear a striking resemblance to Communist doctrine.