The Church A Learning Culture?

A Leaning CultureI was rattled by a smart young believer in Singapore. It happened during a question and answer period. Some people reveal their brilliance not by their answers but by the quality of their questions. We talked after the session and she revealed that she was trained by Peter Michael Senge, a well known scientist and director at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He is known as author of the book The Fifth Discipline: THE ART AND PRACTICE OF A LEARNING ORGANIZATION! A classic.

I asked what she thought of the church as a “learning culture” ? …. Her answer rattled me. She said “you guys tend to attach a great deal of PUNITIVE energy on mistakes and failures. Instead, from our training perspective, a genuine learning culture is quick to admit what went wrong and move quickly into an understanding of what can be learned. Everybody benefits and casualties are minimized. From what I’ve seen, Christians often “shame” those who fail, and in doing so trap both themselves and others in a culture that resists risk, growth, and honest disclosure.”

According to Senge ‘learning organizations’ are those organizations where new thinking is nurtured, and where people are continually learning “to see the whole together.” – Do we celebrate risk, failure, disclosure and learning?
– In what areas do we grow and in what areas are we stuck? – Have you ever been around people who reject the entire book because a person screwed up a chapter?

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