Trump Takes On The U.N.

Nothing amazes me more than the BREAKING NEWS nobody hears. Trump takes on U.N. world order and follows up with first ever U.N. meeting on the plight of persecuted believers – and nobody knows!

At the end of my step by step analysis of Trumps bold challenge to nations. Each punch thrown at corrupt players in the room, listening.

I could feel the weight of this battle on the Presidents shoulders and felt the urge to pray for him. Something rose in me and we shifted gears. Then a spirit of prophecy rose up and I trust that we all joined in and hit the target at the same time I felt the unity.

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3 thoughts on “Trump Takes On The U.N.

  1. Your comments on President Trump’s speech at the U.N. were excellent! In addition, your information on the 7 mountains is spot on. The Lord says “there is an 8th Mountain from which I will Rule on My return. Beware! My people who are called by My Name are complacent! I have given warning! Let the reader understand.”