The blood of Jesus has a voice!

1533_10153858032859936_7512071396113920919_nThere is a great mystery regarding the theme of blood sacrifice in the Bible. In Genesis, when Cain slew Abel the Bible says God heard the voice of Abel's blood crying out from the ground. This suggests that the blood has a voice. Abel is a type of Christ- the first Martyr.

What does this mean? The blood of Jesus has a voice! In fact the Bible says in Hebrews that the blood of Jesus “speaks” better things than Abel! The voice of the blood is speaking now saying you have access to the throne of grace – regardless of what you have done! NOTHING is more powerful than the blood of Jesus now speaking on your behalf and inviting you to a place above your situation.

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2 thoughts on “The blood of Jesus has a voice!

  1. This article left me hanging. Is there anymore on this article? I really want to learn and understand more thoroughly what your teaching about the Blood of Jesus Christ. Thankyou .

    • His Blood is calling the lost, the weary, the brokenhearted… and invites them to repent of their sin and ‘follow’ Him. He works in the background of their circumstances 2 Sam.14:14 in order they will cry out to God. The voice of His Blood speaks also through us, by inviting and evangelizing the lost, pointing the way to the Cross. We are Jesus’ feet on the ground, we are His Blood and Flesh on earth, His Blood speaks through us, too. We only need to receive the revelation of it. Amen
      (the Blood and the Glory by Billye Brim, is an awesome book to read), Blessings