12075059_10153684986919936_5696595544620248698_nI was so much happier when I was an ignorant charismatic speaking in conferences and following the revival train. I thought then that all the worlds ills could be solved if believers just focused on God and scaling their mountain. Then I realized Philistines occupy the mountains. The higher you go the more like Goliath they become. Then I took a closer look at exactly who my misguided enemies are and more importantly, what they do. I felt like Neo taking the red pill Morpheus offered him. It was as if a voice said to me, “you sure you want to see what’s really going on?” Well I took that red pill and went down that rabbit hole. When I came out the other side I discovered Liberals are running the Matrix.

It’s not a political issue I am talking about, it’s a collision of worldviews and the one we are running into is designed to destroy America as you have known it and reduce it to a third world rubble. Torn apart by well-funded activists, seeded with rage and ultimately divided along every possible line of race, gender, class and religion. It’s a demonically inspired, brilliant, viral, disease of perspective that transfers easily among Americas “low information” masses that believe whatever they hear or see through the filter of the media.

Now every morning I pray, read my Bible, and pop my sanity pill so I can counteract the influence of the crazy pills the White House, their activists and its multiple media echo chambers dispense all over this increasingly zombified culture.

Take the tiresome and predictable reaction of liberals to this shooting in Oregon. Note the absolute lack of common sense reaction from President Obama, to everybody in the media. It’s amazing folks, because Liberals set up this school under their gun control policy. The campus security was not allowed to carry a gun. The only guns allowed on these campuses are the ones in the hands of the bad guy. You want to know what gun control accomplishes? You just saw it.

The left has everything they want on these school campuses. No guns! Every one of these school shootings is a gun-free zone. And then when the shooter starts on his rampage, guess what it takes to shut it down? They HAVE TO FIND SOMEONE WITH A GUN TO BRING THE SHOOTER DOWN! Who are the guys they run to? THE POLICE. The men in blue who are targeted by Liberals as the BAD GUYS. It’s beyond absurd.

If the shooter had known there were guns on site, the odds are this might not have even happened.

What liberals want is for everyone, including the good people, to disarm themselves. The good sheep are led to believe that if everybody will get rid of guns somehow the wolves will not have guns and we will be on our way to Obama-topia. Really? Why stop here? Lets advance policies to outlaw crime and rape and violence. Won’t new laws do the job? Of course not. Hre is the pattern….Liberals create a godless culture and then take more control to manage godless behavior.

Again we have to listen to President Obama calling for disarming good Americans and leaving them without any way to defend themselves against lunatics like this. We have given Liberals everything they want, and the evidence is clear it does not work. Gun-free zones do not save lives. They cost lives. That’s what this proves once again. Even Churches are smart enough to have gun-carrying professionals at every service. The FAA has armed Marshals on flights. The President has a team of gun carrying secret agents travelling with him and his family. Does he suggest this is unnecessary? Of course not.

The fact that this guy was targeting Christians, you can't find that in the Drive-By Media. In fact the media is rewriting this incident to say the shooter did not like “religion.” Really? This wasn’t targeting Muslims or Buddhists. It was a killing spree against Christians. Unarmed Christian’s in this case.

What is common among all these shooters is that they are nuts and they ARE MEDICATED. How about that for a line of attack? Increase screening and make it tougher for folks on PHARMECEUTICAL MIND ALTERING DRUGS to get weapons! But that would be an unpopular thing for a Politician to say – because the drug companies fund them. The common denominator is the mental health and drug usage of people who never should have gotten guns. The answer is NOT in disarming the law abiding.

President Obama deplores violence? Isn’t this the man who just cleared the decks for Iran to get a nuclear weapon? How in the world can you have this kind of over-the-top, out-of-proportion reaction and when faced with the Hannibal Lector chop shop for baby body parts called Planned Parenthood. The Presidents response? Yawn. Not just yawn, but deny it, try to cover it up and say, “No, no, no! That's actually for medical research.”

So is it really death that bothers them? Is it unnecessarily death, the wanton killing that bothers them?

Friends, unless you see that there is a consistent, pernicious persistent logic driving the Left you yourself will drink the cool aid and assume that Americas ills are solvable by giving in. We’ve got a policy in place to flood America with Muslims. Liberate the fetishes and proclivities of every sexual appetite and alteration capable in an LGBTQ universe while running the nation deeper into a crisis of debt that offers more and more to people who don’t pay the bill to fund the debt. Here’s the “change” the devil promises to deliver.

It’s not too late to change it back, but, this post will not get much traction.

My advise?

TAKE THE RED PILL. It will be bitter in your stomach but afterward you will prophecy with increased accuracy and insight.

P.S. In spite of the pushback I am coming out of the closet on this stuff and launching a 7m Underground Internet Radio Show and buying time on local affiliate stations. It's time for an enlightened uprising. With intercession, information, and organization we will shake the status quo!

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One thought on “TAKE THE RED PILL!

  1. Thank god I am not the only person who sees the insanity of people raging their fists at police but then want them when their home or persons are pillaged. It is one of the stupidest things our culture is promoting! This is a sad, pathetic state of affairs happening. One would have to be demonically inspired to protest and destroy another persons property out of police hatred but then expect to use 911 when another clown wants to pilfer through that same protesters house with a gun at midnight.