TAKE HEED TO THYSELF…That Your Progress May Be Evident To All

The most POWERFUL teaching I’ve got on how to draw a picture to capture your destiny! Do you know the five stages of calling and activation? The number one hindrance to the fullness of Gods plan? How does your destiny tie into the path of your nation?

All here…

To get all the pages and tools and training go here:

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2 thoughts on “TAKE HEED TO THYSELF…That Your Progress May Be Evident To All

  1. I agree with you that prayer is cumulative. I am at least the 3rd generation of praying grandmas in my family and God showed me that my prayers for my children and grandchildren have been added to those offered by my grandmothers and mother.
    Keep declaring the Truth!

  2. This teaching is Life-Changing! I want to learn it at a deep level so it becomes a part of who I am. I want everyone I know to hear this message and to help them discover the hindrances in their life. I read & studied Robert Clinton’s book on Leadership, which is very similar, but you have a way of bringing it to life. I would love to teach this also. I have a calling & a passion to see the body of Christ walking in their destiny. I am super excited about what God is doing! this might not be the best place to share this, but I’ve been praying in tongues all the time to get a victory over the 70% of my subconscious thoughts and it’s been life-changing also. So thank you for that teaching as well. I appreciate your dedication to teach & keep us informed.