Survive The Cut

10028_10151834600984936_895476962_nCongratulations! When a sport's team choose's who it keep's and who it loose's the winner's all “survive the cut.” Likewise, the whole symbolism behind Abraham's covenant of “circumcision” involves the “removal of the flesh”- or carnal nature. When God want's to start a Godly new thing, idea or generation He goes to work on the candidate's He is promoting. The reproductive part of you, the creative part, must be sanctified so what is birthed is not of the flesh nor the will of man, but rather, birthed by the will of God.

This cutting is a painful process if you don't know what is going on. Pruning, conflict, instability and uncertainty come upon us as the master mason starts cutting the stone to fit into the new structure.

All this talk about TRANSITION is really a conversation about God taking us from one phase in the journey of destiny, to another. He is revealing something in the earth right now! While you are in the “process” you are not sure where you fit in. If you do not allow the master stone mason to cut the rough edges off of you, He cannot use you in the new thing. Make's sense doesn't it? The problem is that we don't always know what the Father is up to when the hammer and chisel start hitting.

This will help you…

The master mason knows that each stone is different in color, shape and size. If they are going to fit into a “glorious house” there will need to be some changes.
Conflict and adversity rise up as we are being adjusted in
5 areas. 5 Is the number of GRACE and grace is needed to pass this test:
1. Interpersonal: relationships
2. Inner personal: conflicts in yourself
3. Intrapersonal: struggle with those over us
4. Personal- Functional: role we are in
5. Personal – Organizational: problem with the organization

Specifically, it may mean learning to hold your peace. Wait for timing. Go thru proper channels. Surrender ego attachment to “being right” or your own opinion. God may “chisel” you by putting you in a tight place or situation. You may be too sensitive. You may be feeling overlooked and other's less qualified are advancing. Working with other's who RUB YOU THE WRONG WAY is God's way of bringing the cut you need into your life.

God cannot adapt the entire structure to fit around one belligerent stone, no matter how gifted. Have you been yielded or resistant? You have a place in the NEW thing God is doing, and when you enter, the TRANSITION is complete.

When it is time for God to move you must be pre-cut and move into position. When Solomon's glorious temple was revealed the Bible says:
…”and the house, when it was in building, was built of stone MADE READY BEFORE it was brought thither: so that there was neither hammer nor ax nor any toll of iron HEARD in the house, while it was in the building.” (1 Kings 7:7 KJV)

Notice God does not want noise at the place of the unveiling of the house. The “STONE WAS MADE READY BEFORE IT WAS BROUGHT HITHER…” Don't waste any of your sorrows. If you are like me, you will find that many of the things you went through earlier in life helped prepare you for this moment.
Fitting in with God is not the challenge – FITTING IN WITH OTHER STONE'S is where the challenge is. You cannot accomplish God's will alone. Learn to fit and learn to flow. You already fit a role nobody else can fulfill. Stop teaching a while and learn what the Master Teacher is doing in your life. As you learn the final lesson's you will use these lesson's to touch multitudes.

Submit to the process and you will be healed of rejection and scars from past experiences. God could have chosen anyone- but HE CHOSE YOU!

Lance Wallnau

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