Surprising Facts

Surprising Facts:

1. Iran has a significant Christian population and they are very much moving in the spirit. I hear it is one of the best harvest fields. Their prayers are playing a big part in shaping what is unfolding.

2. These are small-town uprisings, which means there is less fear than usual. In a big city, you put on your mask and come out of the shadows. These folks are letting people know who they are. That’s a big deal to the government because they risk blowback if they come down hard in these remote places.

3. What makes them so bold? Youth. As in many, if not most revolutions, 90 percent of those hundreds arrested in the protests are under 25 years old, and so have little experience of the older Green Protest Movement of 2009. This new generation is a wild card because they won’t buy into the same propaganda that worked in the past. They don’t see Israel and the United States as the problem. They see their elites in power and privilege and are mad at the stagnation of their existence.

4. Iran was feeling the pressure to change but President Obama screwed up the process by flooding the regime with cash and a path to get nuclear weapons. This funded their expansion into Lebanon, Syria and Iraq. However, this selfish use of Obama’s wealth gift has a huge drawback – with nearly all benefits accruing to Tehran and the elites who are in the money circle of power. The people see this. The rural areas and those beyond the capital have been mere spectators to the Game of Thrones going on in their own intolerant religious government while spewing out propaganda about foreign threats. The people know their problem is rooted in their own leadership.

PRAYER STRATEGY: We pray for REVIVAL to continue to spread and for COURAGEOUS VOICES to rise up for change IN THE POLITICAL and MEDIA MOUNTAINS. And yes, the State controls media but whose to say God can’t work something around that? Pray real democratic political reformers rise up. PRAY that the next clash be between these two internal rivals “inside” Iran and not outside in a battle of nations. And pray for believers to rise up and secure their gains in Arts and Media and Business and Academia once the window of opportunity comes.

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