SURPRISING BUT TRUE! The rest of the story….

SURPRISING BUT TRUE! The rest of the story….

My Last FB post was on Robert Jaffray, who died in 1945. Here are some powerful facts you need to know about this man who will be one of the great shining ones in eternity.

He was 55 years old and had already ministered 30 years as a missionary in Asia. At a crossroads about what to do next he had a dream that shook him up. He took it as a confirmation that his assignment was not over yet.

The final 13 years of his life were more productive than the previous 30. Starting from scratch he applied all his previous learning and experience to his new work in Indonesia!

When finished there were 13,000 Christians in Indonesia. By 1990 the long term results of Jaffray’s work included:
496,935 members of Churches
1,604 organized churches.
2,212 national ministers.

TODAY Christianity is the second largest religion in this Muslim nation, with 23 MILLION followers of Jesus. This guy – Jaffray made an investment in the bank of heaven that is paying off in the one currency angels rejoice over – SOULS!

He did more in the last decade than three decades combined.

He did it, starting at 55.

For many of you – “Your most lasting achievement is right in front of you.”

That would certainly be a challenge Jaffray would want to leave with us.

Fruitfulness comes from a very focused life…and you don’t need long tenure in a geographic locale. You can be the new kid on the block.

Jaffray actually ministered on locale in Indonesia 10 or 11

1. ROLE: His focus was in terms of a ROLE that really empowered him to do what he could do best. which he continued and

2. UNIQUE METHODOLOGY which he perfected in executing his single-minded life purpose–reaching the unreached. He had a special formula You will have your slingshot…this was his.
a.) He met with other Ministers in the new territory to get their blessing. He didn’t want to set himself up to look like a competitor.
b.) He watched closely to observe how effective current evangelism was working. He inspected the walls, like Nehemiah before seeking to fix anything.
c.) He focused on leaders, their formation and training.
d.) He measured success in tangible results in lives touched.

3. MAXIMIZE YOUR PRESENT ASSIGNMENT. His long tenure in South China certainly conditioned him, cross-culturally for his time in Indonesia, even though it was relatively short, he had learned what to do from previous experience.

A focused life is identifying clearly half a dozen focal issues, that is, the major role, life purpose, unique
methodology, or ultimate contribution

All of which allows:
• an increasing prioritization of life’s activities around these focal issues
• results in great joy from the harvest found in BEING who you are and DOING what you do best.

On three great mission fields of the world the Church advances because of Statesman Dr. Robert A. Jaffray, man of focused prayer, focused faith, focused vision, and indomitable courage.

Lets share the insights!


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  1. This is a wonderful idea. I am past my prime. I know this due to the health obstacles I now have. However, I feel that I was made to write. This is something that would be possible (with some physical restrictions). I’m at a loss on where to begin writing, but at least i know to start with prayer. Please pray for me. And thanks for the encouragement!