Why We Should Stop Living in the Future


Beware…Prophets are futurists in the fullest sense. They live in the future and make a living off the future, i.e. they are fully engaged in the next election, world crisis, Jewish feast… 

Understand. I'm not slamming Prophetic ministries – I am one! I am, however, pointing out a weakness we have.

The problem is that it's possible to be caught up in the “next” prophetic word or meeting and then the “next” word after that…and think that the prophecy is making something happen. Prophecy is not a substitute for faith and action. The prophetic serves as a catalyst to your perception of things, crystallizing the ACTION that alone makes things happen.

I've seen many who miss this – me included! The prophetic word helps confirm a sense of direction but YOU must take ACTION. Wise action. Persistent action. Faith – not prophecy – is the issue. Faith without works (corresponding action) is dead. If you believe the prophecy then – act. Continuous immersion in yet another prophetic event is NOT a substitute for the faith filled action that builds your business, brings your spouse around, expands your ministry or changes the government. 

If you've been a person living always in the future TRY to STOP. For this week learn to be in the PRESENT. “NOW” faith is the substance of things prophetically hoped for. NOW is the moment to be in. Be fully present to what's happening around you in the now. Take action now. There is a harvest in action. Prophetic promise is manifested by faith and endurance…. not more prophetic promise.

NOW faith acts NOW!

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