12359915_10153805570924936_1656972535551081016_nSPIRIT WARS

There were principalities and powers unleashed in Germany and Japan that dragged the world into war. This can happen again through different nations.

Americans have a history of being slow to do the right thing. As Churchill said- Americans eventually do the right thing, “after exhausting every other alternative.” Hearing Democrats talk about ISIS containment, the real priority being – Global Warming and then harping on gun control makes them sound more and more like Neville Chamberlin. Out of touch with reality. Insisting there will be “peace in our time” much like the President assured the nation two weeks ago that they have nothing to fear.

Some say we and a host of other nations are already in World War III and it is Radical Islam we face. We may not be at war with anyone – but someone is already at war with us. If ISIS or Al Quada could pull off another 9-11 or Pearl Harbor for that matter, they would do it.

The two problems we have is that from the Boston bombing to Fort Hood, to the Chatanooga killing of five unarmed servicemen, to San Bernadino and in other places not listed, Islam is the common denominator in the religion of the radicalized and the act was perpetrated – not by an immigrant – but by a second or third generation Muslim.

If these are home grown terrorists will the number increase as we add 2-3 million more to our shores as Pres. Obama desires? Obviously yes! Hence maybe Donald Trumps latest statement may not be crazy.

ISLAMOPHOBIA FACTS check out this from (https://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/americanattacks.htm)

“Despite the overwhelming obsession with “Islamophobia”, there have been no Muslims killed in targeted attacks on American soil since. However, since 9/11, 89 Americans have been killed in 48 separate acts of Islamic terror or Islam-related honor killing in the United States, and hundreds of mass murder plots have been thwarted or botched. The real story is not “Islamophobia” but American tolerance – which rightly refuses to punish the individual based on group identity.”

“As the Muslim population increases in the United States, so too will the number of Islamic terror attacks. This is because the pool from which the radicals recruit grows bigger. Studies show that between 5 – 25% of Muslims in America believe that violence in defense of Islam is justified. The number of potential terrorists therefore grows proportionately with the overall number, even if only a small minority actually plot terror.”

“Immigrants to America have killed and have plotted to kill. However, the real threat comes from successive generations of Muslims living in the West, which have proven to be more radical and more dangerous than their parents. Muslim immigration thus means that more Americans will eventually die. The benefits that offset this reality are not entirely clear.”

Donald Trump has really shaken things up today by saying that he would not want more Muslims coming into the USA, implying, till this issue is cleared up. He is labeled as an alarmist and extremist. This was exactly what happened to Churchill. He kept upsetting people with his radical assessment of the future threat to the nation. He was kicked out of office. Politics is not the place for secular Prophets like Churchill. Especially when this prophetic edginess comes linked to a personality whose bombastic statements, grandiose presence and larger than life sense self and of destiny rub against the polite civility of the establishment.

Trump is too closely cut from the same cloth as Churchill or a Patton. Opinionated, vocal, aggressive, highly intuitive, and remarkably indifferent to approval from peers over what they have to say, Winston was out of office when Hitler made his final move against Poland. At that moment the deception was off the nation and the delusional veil of compromise was removed. It was almost too late.

Who did the nation call for? “Get Winston.”

British Parliament works different than the U.S. system. If Mr. Trump keeps making these incendiary comments he will not get elected – even if he is Prophetically correct in his assessments. He will be too far ahead of the public curve of awareness.

However…if he is indeed Gods rough instrument to adjust what needs to be adjusted, an incident will most likely happen during the election cycle that will make people consider – “hey, maybe he's right.”

Let Christians be clear headed in this hour. In some matters of current events and politics we should right now be slow to speak and quick to listen.

Remembering our heroes today. It's important we know our history, and always remember freedom is not free. If your family sacrificed and served in some way please know we are grateful.

Lance and Team

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One thought on “SPIRIT WARS

  1. Lance
    If we look at history Lawrence of Arabia and king Faisal were snubed after the war.England did not keep her promises.The Ottoman empire was divided by the world powers.France start ane isdand a franco syrian war to keep king Faisal from ruling in syria. England offered king Faisal Iraq but when he told them to give nack the oil rights king Faisal and the whole royal family were assasinated. Then the Bath party arose and Sadam came out of that.Englad ruled palestine and divided it between lsrael and jordan. The king of Jordan being king Gaisals cousin. So this bloody mess is 100 years in the making. What you sow you will reap .How different would things be if king Faisal the true peaceful leader of tjat time jad been in Syria now? All over power ,money and oil. So Israel has already been divided once to make peace in the region only those who know thier history recognize how ironic things are now. Power has corupted and the people are paying for France mistakes