Seven Mountain Message Warfare: Turn Intellectual Assent into Action!

It has been a whirlwind of travel for me lately – Singapore, Charlotte, and Canada. I posted a link on Facebook to videos of a GREAT conference I was a part of in Bend, Oregon. The information I shared was cutting edge and amazed many attendees, including a bunch of CEOs. I am planning to finesse those talks into something that I can release in the future.

I have been to so many conferences where people have enjoyed the messages that I bring, but ultimately it doesn’t seem to go anywhere. There has been lots of warfare over the seven mountains message in the United States. It just doesn’t appear to take off. Everyone loves it, but nobody turns it into action. Some pioneers are trying to make these things happen, but the vast majority just give their intellectual assent. It has been a bit frustrating.

The pastors of the apostolic hub in Oregon could sense my frustration and asked me what I thought needed to happen. I shared with them what I believe are the key ideas that need to be put into practice to move the seven mountain paradigm in American society forward. These 6 or 7 steps are a supernatural download that hasn't existed until now. It is shocking to me that more people are not talking about this with everything that is going on. We are in the midst of a major battle for the hearts and minds of America. It is critical that we mobilize.

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One thought on “Seven Mountain Message Warfare: Turn Intellectual Assent into Action!

  1. Sir,
    I am not a major player in the ministerial circuit but I am in total agreement with the importance of activating the 7 Mountains agenda into action. So, if I may encourage you, I trust that I am not the only one who intends to activate this Kingdom focus in the hearts and minds of those whom Elohim has called me to influence. Thank you for your ministry.
    Blessings from your sister,
    Sonya C Smith