September Prophetic Update

September Prophetic Update

Tonight (Saturday) ends the Holiest of all Holy Days in Israel – Yom Kippur. I am at Moravian Falls,  North Carolina, where Rick Joyner and others go to write their books. It is an “open heaven” property purchased by Count Zinzendorf in the 1700's for the purpose of a global mission movement. Bob Jones told my co-host Dave Yarnes that the Lord was going to visit us during Yom Kippur (the last 24 hours) and give us a heavenly download…and He did!

According to Jewish tradition, God inscribes each person's fate for the coming year into a book, the Book of Life, on Rosh Hashanah, and waits until Yom Kippur to “seal” the verdict. During the Days of Awe, a Jewish person tries to amend his or her behavior and seek forgiveness for wrongs done against God (bein adam lamakom) and against other human beings (bein adam lechavero).

The High Priest goes into the Holy of Holies with shed blood and seeks atonement for the people of God. Jesus our High Priest has gone into heaven with His OWN BLOOD according to the book of Hebrews, and he has made a way for MERCY to triumph over JUDGMENT if we will but judge ourselves accurately.

God is dealing not only with “sins” but also something deeper, the “iniquity” in the lives of His people. An iniquity is a “bent” or inclination of the soul to lean toward certain sins. It's the “want to” or unholy “desire” that can sometimes is the iniquity we must overcome in our own bloodline. As we seek Him the blood brings deliverance to us in areas our children will not fight. God is qualifying you and your children to access GATES of INFLUENCE beyond what you have asked or thought previously.

I would love to talk about all the Lord said, but will give you this for now – it's midnight and we're still fellowshipping and I hate giving you long posts). The year 5774 is HERE! The new Hebrew year began this week. Last year was 5773. ( the number “3” correlates to the letter  “gimmel' in the Hebrew language, which is shaped like the word it sounds like- camel). Last year was the year of crossing over the wilderness and watching as the provision of God comes to you like camels in the desert.

The key number in 5774 is “4,” as it is connected to the Hebrew word “DALET” and it is often translated as it looks in the letter – a “tent flap that is open,” like a “door.” God has opened a door in the heavens (Rev 4:1) that corresponds to an open door into on earth. This year is a year of alignments with doors in a whole new way. Watch for Apostolic alignments for Prophetic purposes in your life. Doors that evaded you in the past will come around again and this time you will go through them. DON'T PULL BACK into the tent and close the door. Be like Abraham, who stood at the door of his tent and watched what God was doing to join him. This is how he discerned three heavenly visitors that came to him and revealed God’s activity in a major city nearby. (Gen 18:1)

DOORS will open to the poor in spirit. GATES of Hell will be under siege by the “ekklesia”…the “church” which will meet at the GATES of influence in a whole new way.

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22 thoughts on “September Prophetic Update

  1. The groom is wooing the bride to come out into the cities and join Him to rule and reign with Him in our mountains or arenas of influence .To proclaim His goodness. Thank Yiou Lance for the encouragment Flo Johns of Sedona Joyful Expression Flags

  2. Thank you Lance this is the second time I have heard this message in the last 24 hours. I know that the door is opening and it is time to step through it. How true when I look back and see that God has been preparing me for what is to come. I have been in the financial industry for 17 years and I was told and confirmed by you today that there is a new door opening and I need to step through it. I was told last night to jump off the edge and trust God because he is there ready to catch me. Thank you for your encouragement it always comes right at the time that is needed.

  3. Dr lance thankyou for your insight and wisdom i have truly been blessed by the prophetic word. i am aligning myself apostolicly for prophetic purpose. i see the doors opening unto gates of influence.

    thankyou greatly

  4. To answer your question, is this helpful? – like bittersweet. Didn’t think it was a long post, actually not long enough. Additionally, either I am not reading this correctly or you have left something out of the sentence. ‘God is dealing not only with “sins” but also something deeper, the “iniquity” . . . It’s the “want to” or unholy “desire” that can sometimes is the iniquity we must overcome in our own bloodline. As we seek Him the blood brings deliverance to us in areas our children will not fight.’ Love the teaching, and love the one-on-one that God seems to confirm.

  5. This is confirmation for what I’m going through right now. God is attempting to pull something out of me, and it’s a huge struggle. But I’m not giving up. I’m going to continue to push as hard as Jacob held onto the angel all night. But I don’t expect to have a limp afterward.

  6. Thank you Lance for keeping us in the loop! We wish we could all come to Mexico but can’t leave the business! Would LOVE to have you back in Oregon because it was your original visit to our Christian Chamber that started the movement! This is the 2nd time this word has been spoken to me in the past 48 hours…walk through the door!

    Praise God in all things and thank you for your work!

  7. You keep me on the cutting edge. I am not the same sorry soul who first registered – you have a prophetic voice that catapults into the spirit and what God wants for us. Thank you Julia Rigos

  8. Can’t wait to hear what the Lord has “downloaded” to you, Lance. I heard about the Moravians and Count Zinzendorf, and read a good bit of their history not long ago. What a blessed remnant the Lord kept. Oh, what God can do when his people are willing to pray. “Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors; and the King of glory shall come in.” (Ps 24:7)

  9. you always inspire me to move up the mountain. thank you! Going on one of your trips is a dream of mine. Someday it will happen. Again thank you for your encouraging words and the push to give it your all..and have an awesome time while you do it!

  10. Hi Lance,
    It is always amazing to feel the alignment in my spirit and your message! I have been feeling the dessert/wilderness journey over the last year and have been feeling that doors are now open and this year is going to be a year of amazing abundance!!
    Also, I used to live in Moravian Falls. I have fond memories of walking over to Bob’s Lakes and swimming in the pond or laying out in the sun by the waterfall for hours as a teen! How did you come about having a meeting spot there? It is a tiny, country community.

  11. my previous post was not fully delivered. So here is a re-post
    Love Hebraic teachings! Keep teaching us like that! They are so informative , but beyond that , they shed THE LIGHT of GOD in our lives in areas that awakens our inner man. Thank you.(the posts are not long)

  12. The camel definitely came and he did more than announce Hump Day.,the long awaited doors are opening. I can hear those waves beating the shore in Cabo, will be there in spirit, thank you for your constant encouragement, it is a new day, Signe

  13. Listened to Barbara Yoder this passed weekend. She gave a similar teaching. “On the door/tent/Abraham”. All good— so appreciate the updates. Corporate prophetic words of seasons changing or shifts is vital in the body. However the personal prophetic words for individuals is what helps in channeling in clarification personally with #confirmation. Not sure if it’s the long yrs that cause hesitation. Or the loss of an accurate vision. Anyway. That’s for sharing

  14. This is so good. Thank you for posting this timely message. It did me so much good and will continue into my future. Bless you and your family in Jesus Name!

    Diane S.

  15. Hi Thanks Lance for this encouragement and also some understanding of the Jewish year and what it means, it seems that Jesus has been saying ” I am the DOOR! I AM THE DOOR! I AM THE DOOR!.”