Reformation Week & We’re 1 Year From Election…

Today we’re going to be talking about Mike Pompeo and The Reformation. You all need to start paying attention to this brilliant Secretary of State. He just did a message for the Claremont Institute and it is so hectic!

This is reformation week, one year from the election and though the Democrats aren’t going to be able to impeach Trump, they’re going to put the country through a nightmare because they’re so fixated on destroying him.

Let’s pray and update on Kanye, China, Impeachment…

And I’m in Philadelphia with Mike Huckabee and Dutch Sheets this weekend. Nov. 7-9. Check out:

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9 thoughts on “Reformation Week & We’re 1 Year From Election…

  1. Sign us up for the Chaos Tour!! We’re in Kalamazoo, Michigan which is one of the most liberal cities in the state. Looking forward to see you and Graham Cooke in Cleveland, OH on the 14-16th.

  2. You can trim $2.7 trillion per year by preventing diseases instead of paying the health care industrial complex $3 trillion per year to treat them.

  3. Lance,

    As always, knowledge, insight, facts, revelation, truths, commentary, connections, prophetic, exposing of evil schemes, instructional, foresight, and whit, spun together like a web of words capturing various themes, within the 7 mountains, in a connective manner, for such a time as this.

  4. Hi Lance,

    Please visit us in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We need to be a sheep nation like United States of America. Aso, steer development, industrialization, renaissance and civilization.


    Ramazani Anzuluni

  5. I’m thankful for Lance and his boldness to dissect truth from error/falsehood. I am thankful for his innovation to put together events and key people in the earth that we need to see and understand, especially the Body of Christ, who must be activated to take a stand with (truth and life) and against (sin and destruction). I’m thankful for Mrs. Wallnau and the many ways the Lord uses her as a faithful wife and helper to Lance, for Mercedez and others who tirelessly and unconditionally stand with Lance and the Kingdom of God in a national, even global, effort, to stop the forces of evil that threaten our nation and our world. I pray for the protection of Lance, his family, and those working “As One” toward the causes he is making us aware of.

  6. Thank you so much Lance!

    I have found you vicariously because I have friends that follow you. I really enjoyed you and your wife ministering at the 2018 Tribe Quantum in Florence, AL . I especially like your take on the political happenings because you have an eye for what God is doing not the ‘worlds’ way! I love that you talked about President Trump as a modern day Cyrus! I support TRUMP because he stands for justice and preserving our Christian based values for our nation! I will continue to pray.

    I also joined the ONE voice prayer movement call as well!

    I appreciate your updates and prayer points when it comes to our Nation! I want to be on the cutting edge of what God is doing in the AWAKENING! Thank you for sending this!