Who Is Really Working Against You?

BreakthroughIt is a common thing. You throw yourself into the activity surrounding your dream only to discover that things don't work out as expected. You get knocked down or set back.

This is the critical moment. All people, Christian and non-Christian, struggle to succeed and only a handful of those who enter the race ever finish with distinction. There are battles and unforeseen setbacks. 

In all mastery there are lessons. In all great achievements there are learning curves. Ask any seasoned entrepreneur and they will tell you of the things they had to deal with. Betrayal, broken promises, competition, family problems, physical breakdowns and the like. 

The difference is that unbelievers don't call it spiritual warfare. They have no sinister unseen adversaries to incorporate into their script… and this is the danger for us. 

After working with leaders worldwide I've come to realize that the devil needs somebody on the inside of your organization to help him sabotage the work. He cannot keep you down unless there is some unknown leverage conspiring with him against you – on the inside of the organization. 

Years ago I made a list of all the setbacks I've endured. I played the scenes over in my mind and was shocked to see one of my employees was at the scene of EVERY crime. One person was common to every setback. I scheduled a meeting with this person and we had a very sober conversation. I am going to now expose this person to all of you because I am confident this fellow will not sue me.

The person I am talking about is ME! I was at the scene of every bad decision. The warfare I was blaming on the devil was in fact the warfare I was helping to create! To this day the number one bottleneck of most organizations I consult, can be found at the top. 

Ask yourself if you are really listening to the Lord and getting to the root of your battle. Ask what YOU can do differently in terms of your own story. Learn from every mistake and find out how to grow. Learn to show up differently next time. Study what others are doing that works! Only then will there be benefit in talking about how the devil was at work fighting you. 

Don't settle for a warfare story…press on and give us all your BREAKTHROUGH stories! The longer the setback the greater the finish. FINISH WELL! 

In the spirit realm there are more working on your side than the devil can ever organize against you.


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7 thoughts on “Who Is Really Working Against You?

  1. In the spirit of Mary Lou Retton…..this post nailed a perfect 10 (ok 10-10) in terms of the content. We are co-authors, with the Father, able rewrite any part of our story to fit into His-story!

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