Prophetic Warning – How They’ll Try To Steal The Election

I was thinking about Pastor Dana Coverstone’s prophetic dreams recently and here’s what I said at the time. His dreams about November 3rd, and the election was a warning of what could happen if we don’t act.

It’s now becoming obvious that there could be widespread voter fraud with mail in voting being expanded across America. So what can we do about it? Here’s what you need to do to protect the integrity of our elections. Go to:

Sign up to be an election official or a poll worker. You could help make sure the 2020 election is fair.

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7 thoughts on “Prophetic Warning – How They’ll Try To Steal The Election

  1. I agree. We need Christians to vote and to participate in the polling! God expects His children to pray, believe and ACT on His behalf!

  2. This is a good video, but this message from the Bible doesn’t seem to emphasized: “For the battle is not yours but God’s.”

    If we think this all depends on us, we’ll be overwhelmed with striving and fear. So it’s important to acknowledge that, while we certainly need to be obedient to God’s call, in the end, the victory comes from Him, not from us.

    So, we do our (small) part, and then let Him do what only He can.

    P.S. Mr. Wallnau, I wish you’d stop using YouTube, which is owned by the evil Google. You’re just enabling the Tech Giants that way, who want to steal the election. There are plenty of other video-hosting platforms out there.

  3. Oh, here’s another tip to help us all prevail: Stop watching the news! 🙂

    Instead of watching the news, it’s better to find something more productive to do, like praying, reading the Bible, or doing whatever else you feel God wants you to do. At the very least, you shouldn’t be watching the news until you’ve spent time with God for the day, and you should almost always avoid mainstream media. Mainstream media is mostly satanic lies, which can torpedo your faith.

    Anyway, hope this tip is helpful.

  4. I have a question. What do you think about the upcoming event in Washington DC, ‘The Return.’ There are some very impressive speakers but I am curious on your take about public repentence based on your recent comments about Christians praying and praying but not using their gifts to becoming involved in changing the culture. This is a large event being live streamed everywhere and I am concerned that there will be repentence for things that don’t need to be repented for publically, etc. Curious how you view this event. I would love it if you could respond to me with an answer.

  5. Based on your request, I am volunteering at our polling station. I have never been this involved in any political election. I’m with out doubt there will be cheating across our country. We must continue to pray for mercy on America. I’m afraid we are in for a not so pleasant end to 2020 and into 2021. Thank you Lance for sharing such valuable information.

  6. I wanted to let you know that I DID apply to be an election poll worker based on your prompting! I will be watching here in Florida.

    I LOVE & appreciate so much all that you do to keep us aware!

  7. Lance, I’m freaked out about how many Christians are still WIMPS. As though they don’t know Christ! I live in Colorado and we mail in votes I tried to scout out what I can do but I don’t seem to have the qualifications. Maybe I can count? Oh Boy I don’t know. I’ll see what’s what. Please keep talking truth on anything you can I keep trying to tell people how important all This is. Schools our children etc.