Lane Update: Red Wave Blues, Why Prophets Are Confused, Acosta Sozo, And Florida Rip Off

Now that we have passed the midterms, we have a house divided. On the one side, we had the prophetically proposed “red wave” which never made it to Florida’s shores.  On the other, we had the left's grand illusion of a massive “blue wave” which resulted in merely a tinkle!

I had people telling me that there was going to be this big red wave, but you know what, I knew that there would not be one. Here's one of the reasons why: the number of Republicans who stepped down created an unusual gap!

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3 thoughts on “Lane Update: Red Wave Blues, Why Prophets Are Confused, Acosta Sozo, And Florida Rip Off

  1. Dr. Wallnau: I’m going to try to put in a small chart on an article I came across on CNN. The chart shows that the majority of Catholics are voting democrat (which makes no sense to me seeing that Catholics are against abortion) and even many evangelical Christians vote democrat, which also makes no sense to me.
    Chart should read: Evangelicals vote democrat: 42% of the time and Catholics vote democrat 50% of the time. I have discussed Trump with a pastor who became a PA (like me) and he said he was voting democrat because he wanted there to be push back against Trump in Congress. He didn’t like the fact that Trump lacked tact, acted like crazy man Jehu (I and II Kings) and visibly showed no leadership. He just could not understand why evangelicals went after Trump so much. I believe this is a problem across the board in believers is that Trump exterior turns people off. I also don’t think that believers have been taught to look at the platforms/issues of the two parties and match them up to what Christianity stands for. Do we not need a national campaign to reach out to the evangelical churches and begin teaching those attendees what they are really voting for when they go ‘blue?’

    • I second that Sharon. In fact I have come to use short-hand when discussing these issues — “I vote on Policy, Not Personality”

    • I have questioned the same thing. All I can think of is Jesus words of correction to the church in Revelation : I have something against you because you tolerate that woman Jezebel who calls herself a prophetess who teaches my people to commit fornication ( which also leads to the killing of the unborn in unwanted pregnancies). The church needs to repent of it’s tolerance for this spirit and be reading the Bible (the only truth we have) and asking what the Spirit of the Lord is saying to the churches right now in the 21st century. The messages to the seven churches were and still are of major importance and relevant for every generation of Christians. Pray that the churches will not tolerate, vote or support anything or anyone that is against the agenda of heaven. And pray for those in government to have their eyes open to the truth.
      Donald Trump supports life and so do most of the Republican Party. The preservation of Roe verses Wade is a major part of the democratic agenda. Will Christians be participators by casting their vote to help them achieve their goals? Tradition needs to step aside and the Kingdom of God must be at the forefront for every decision we make.