Did the Intelligence Community under Obama authorize an informant to be planted into the Trump campaign?

You won’t believe this.

Did I not say this? Did we not pray about this? Brennan, Strzok and other Obama Intelligence officers set “Spy Traps” for Trump team: HUNT FOR FBI MOLE INTENSIFIES!

The House Intel Committee Chair Devin Nunes has been stonewalled by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein over release of classified information that was considered too sensitive to expose. Now it’s coming out! A spy the FBI embedded in the Trump campaign.

The name Carter Page came up but he denied this saying: “Not me. But if what I’m hearing alleged is correct, it’s a guy I know who splits his time between inside the Beltway and in one of the other Five Eyes countries. If so it’d be typical swamp creatrues putting themselves first.”

Five eyes refers to an intelligence alliance between Austrailia, U.K. Canada, New Zealand and the United States. The “Steele Russia Dossier” came from a spy in U.K. and the drunk rambings of George Papadopoulos was tipped off by Australia Clinton donor Alexander Downer.

MORE TO COME soon we’ll identity a spy!
Let’s see how the leftist papers and media bury this story.
Watch this story – Share it – And let’s talk about it!

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